ELDEN RING: Rune Farming Guide

A simple guide to farming runes


Visual guide to farming runes (most efficient area, from what I’ve seen).
You’ll get 1,084 – 1,094 runes per enemy. (Critical on last hit, gives more runes)
I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible. You will see an area, a gameplay mechanic, and one type of enemy that you probably haven’t encountered before.

Getting to the Area Part 1

Head over to this area on your map (east of the gate, or northeast of the starting area)

Getting to the Area Part 2

You’ll see a portal. Use it to teleport to the new area.

Spoiler Warning
*semi-spoilers ahead*

I’ll try to hide as much as possible.
You’ve been warned

New Area

You’ve now reached Dragonbarrow

Site of Grace 1

Open the door in front of you, and you’ll find a site of grace

Turn Around

Turn around, and head down the steps. Ignore the enemy, usually not aggro. Not sure what triggers it, besides attacking. Blurred the enemy, so you can see it for yourself in-game.


These are the enemies you’ll be farming. They hit pretty hard (which is why you should probably rest at the first site of grace), but can be staggered fairly easily, and you can circle around them for easy backstabs.

Site of Grace 2
Keep heading downhill, and you’ll reach another site of grace, right before the bridge.
Personally, I find this location to be better, since you don’t have to deal with the enemy by the steps.

Finding the Map for the New Area
If you want the map for this area. Just go past the 2nd site of grace, past the bridge (avoid the enemy on the bridge, use Torrent, your mount), and stay on the right side of the path (head west). Try to avoid any enemies you may encounter. You’ll find a monolith at the area marked on the map. Grab the map there.
By Juan

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