ELDEN RING: How to Low Level

Want to get late game equipment but co-op or invade at low levels? Or maybe challenge yourself to beat the game at level 1 with no weapon upgrades? Maybe you’ve seen some streamers who are insanely good at the game, playing all the way through naked and unarmed at level … Read More

ELDEN RING: How To Take Screenshots With HDR Enabled

Do you like using HDR with Steam games, but your screenshots look washed-out? This guide is here to fix this issue!   INTRODUCTION Do your screenshots look washed-out with HDR enabled? Here is a comparison between a Steam screenshot and a screenshot made using this guide.Before: After: TUTORIAL Enable HDR … Read More

ELDEN RING: How to Skip Castle Sol

A quick guide on how to use an exploit to skip Castle Sol and get directly to the boss gate.   Castle Sol Skip Here is a link to the video guide:¬†https://youtube.com/shorts/YorW_hd1FCQ?feature=share To do the glitch first spawn at the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook site of grace From here head … Read More

ELDEN RING: Top 9 Rune Farming Locations

Today I will show you some run farming locations that i discovered during my playthrough to level up my character in the Elden Ring. most of the locations I mentioned are close to the grace site so you can easily reset the world for quick rune farming.   Intro Waypoint … Read More

ELDEN RING: How to Install Mods on Windows

This guide will teach you how to download and easily install mods with Mod Engine 2   Introduction Welcome! Have you ever wanted to spice things up in the lands between? Perhaps a mod that overhauls the game and adds new mechanics and weapons? Or a mod that randomizes item … Read More

ELDEN RING: Dark Moon Greatsword Build (Level 150+)

A powerful build for the Dark Moon Greatsword   Introduction This build is based on the weapon skill: Moonlight Greatsword, for a slow attack with high damage. Recommended level this build is 150+First off we need to understand the nature of the weapon skill, Moonlight greatsword is a¬†Glintstone sorcery, charged … Read More

ELDEN RING: Best Weapons (PVE & PVP)

These weapons will carry you till the end of the game with ease and these weapons are for both pve and pvp.   Intro These are some of the best weapons in the game. The order is random so this is not a ranking. Holy Bonkers Sword of Milos Blasphemous … Read More

ELDEN RING: Simple Arrow Crafting Farm

A simple Herbivorous Beast Farming Guide (Sacred Relic Sword Highly Recomended)   Thin Beast Bone Farming Guide In this simple guide I will explain a herbivorous beast farm perfect for thin bones for arrow and throwing knife crafting. If you have it use the Silver Scarab item to increase item … Read More

ELDEN RING: Putrid Tree Spirit Bossfight (Melee)

A difficult and infuriating boss, I hope this guide makes your life a little easier.   Intro The Putrid Tree Spirit boss took me so many tries that I decided to write a guide. He will seem unpredictable and borderline unfair, but his moves are pretty easy to read. Nonetheless, … Read More

ELDEN RING: How to have massive Equip Load at any level

Want to be able to wear almost anything with Light Load? Then follow this guide. Not clickbait. I’m serious. What I will show you in this guide completely breaks the game and especially PvP.   What is it? To have an absurd amount of equip load, first you must obtain … Read More