ELDEN RING: Dark Moon Greatsword Build (Level 150+)

A powerful build for the Dark Moon Greatsword



This build is based on the weapon skill: Moonlight Greatsword, for a slow attack with high damage.
Recommended level this build is 150+First off we need to understand the nature of the weapon skill, Moonlight greatsword is a Glintstone sorcery, charged skill with held heavy attack as such there are several ways to buff this weapon.

Weapons, armor and talismans

Right: Dark Moon Greatsword +10
Left: Jellyfish Shield+10
Head: Spellblade’s pointed hat
Armor: Spellblade’s traveler attire
Gloves: Spellblade’s gloves
Legs: Spellblade’s Trousers
Talisman 1: Shard of Alexander
Talisman 2: Magic scorpion charm
Talisman 3: Godfrey’s icon
Talisman 4: Ritual Sword TalismanFlask of wondrous physick: Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear + your choice


Jellyfish Shield+10

The primary use of this shield is going to be its skill contagious Fury which is going to buff all damage we deal by 20% for 30 seconds.

The Jellyfish Shield Shield can be found at the following location:

On a broken wagon next to a corpse surrounded by four Jellyfish directly north of the Foot of the Four Belfries Site of Grace.


Spellblade’s set

This armor set is going to grant us 10%(2% for each piece) increase on magic and cold weapon skills.

The Spellblade’s set is looteable from sorcerer Rogier after completing his quest and reloading roundtable hold.


Shard of Alexander

Greatly boosts the attack power of skills.(15% Damage increase)

Shard of Alexander drops from Iron Fist Alexander after completing his quest and dealing a killing blow.


Magic scorpion charm

Magic Scorpion Charm Raises magic attack (12% PVE / 8% PVP), but lowers damage negation. (10% PVE / 15% PVP)

Obtained by giving Preceptor Seluvis (Seluvis Rise) the Amber Starlight after Seluvis tells you about his scheme.


Godfrey Icon

Godfrey Icon raises charge attack power of sorceries, incantations, and skills. ( Increases damage of charged spells and weapon skills by 15%)

Drops from Godfrey the Grafted found in Golden Lineage Evergaol.


Ritual sword talisman

Ritual Sword Talisman raises attack power when HP is at maximum. ( Increases attack power by 10% while at full health)

Located in Lux Ruins, in a chest after defeating the boss, Demi-Human Queen Gilika


Play mechanics.

The form of attack is quite simple.

Use Jellyfish skill + activate Dark Moon Greatsword skill + Flask of wondrous physick before any encounter for mobility.

Hold attacks preferred for high damage.

To hit maximum damage at the expense of mobility you can use Terra Magica for 35% damage bonus.

Min hit (Elden beast): 2.5k
Avg hit: 3.3k
Max hit (Elden beat) 6.6k


Primary attributes: intelligence, vigor and strength.
Secondary attributes: endurance, dexterity and mind.

try off to soft cap (80) intelligence first and set points towards vigor / endurance depending on your play style and reaction times.

Pros and Cons.

+ Very high damage
+ high risk / high reward play style
+ funCons:
-Beast creatures and fast mobility monsters can be a challenge
-Heavily reliant on spirit summons by late game unless deep comprehension of attack patterns
-very punishing when attacks timed incorrectly

Based off

This guide is based on RageGamingVideos guide:

By Ariako

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