ELDEN RING: How to have massive Equip Load at any level

Want to be able to wear almost anything with Light Load? Then follow this guide. Not clickbait. I’m serious. What I will show you in this guide completely breaks the game and especially PvP.


What is it?

To have an absurd amount of equip load, first you must obtain the “Winged Crystal Tear”.

It is located in the northern part of the Capital Outskirts, its location is shown on the map below.

How to use it?

To use the Winged Crystal Tear, simply insert it in your Flask of Wondrous Physick at a grace spot.

Upon drinking it, the Winged Crystal Tear will provide a x4.5 boost to your equip load for 3min . Enjoy breaking the game and even as a mage being able to wear a full set of Bull-Goat armor with light load.

10 END = 48.2 * 4.5 = 216.9 Equip Load .

Here are some comparison screenshots from my 47 END character (not required at all as shown above, it just happens to be the only character I have to show a difference with) :

Without Winged Crystal Tear:

With Winged Crystal Tear:

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This is broken!

Yes, very much so. For exclusively singleplayer-focused players it might not hold much importance, since they don’t have to worry about PvP and they can just level Endurance forever so eventually equip load won’t be an issue for them. But if you care anything AT ALL about PvP and the online part of this game this thing is a HUGE problem.

This Crystal Tear essencially makes leveling Endurance practically obsolete. Every character already starts out with a huge amount of stamina so the only efficient usage of leveling it is equip load so you can have strength builds with heavy armor and heavy weapons. However, this Crystal Tear augments your maximum equip load so much that you won’t have to level Endurance at all if you’re mostly interested in duels.

This effect lasts for 3min. Few invasions last longer than that. Most duels last less than a minute.

Worst of all, this can be acquired by any character at any point in the game. You don’t have to beat any bosses to obtain this item.

Imagine you’re a new player, playing with a friend in Limgrave. All of a sudden, an invader with full Bull-Goat armor and two guts Greatswords charges at you and begins to absolutely destroy you and your friend while rolling around like he’s wearing a dagger and some rags.

I created this guide so more people are aware of this issue. Most of the PvP discussion is currently centered around Bleed builds, Hoarfrost Stomp, Moonveil or the level meta (which is understandable, and those things should be discussed), but this item will become a massive issue in the coming months if not heavily nerfed.

If you know any representative of FromSoftware, or know anybody that does, I ask for the sake of the PvP community that you report this unbalanced item to them.

My suggestions for balancing this item are to:
a) reduce the duration to 15s – 30s
– or –
b) reduce the amount to x1.2

My sincere hope is that this will be nerfed in the future. For now, enjoy your massive equip load.

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