ELDEN RING: Simple Arrow Crafting Farm

A simple Herbivorous Beast Farming Guide (Sacred Relic Sword Highly Recomended)


Thin Beast Bone Farming Guide

In this simple guide I will explain a herbivorous beast farm perfect for thin bones for arrow and throwing knife crafting. If you have it use the Silver Scarab item to increase item yield, you can find this item in The Hidden Path to the Haligtree. To really make this very easy I recommend beating the Erdtree Beast (Final Boss) and attaining the Sacred Relic Sword as it’s ability will immediately wipe out a whole group no matter your level as long as you can properly wield the sword. Make your way to the south of Limgrave to the Weeping Peninsula. Cross over the plateau with the Minor Erdtree and after descending from the plateau follow the cliff until you hit the Tombsward SoG (Sight of Grace). Now you will see multiple groups of beasts grazing to the North of the SoG.

Step 1: Get into medium-close range.
Step 2: Use the Wave of Gold ability on one group at a time, if you are at the proper distance this ability will kill entire group
Step 3: Move to next group
Step 4: Respawn at Tombsward SoG, Repeat

Thin Beast Bone Locations

Flight Pinion Locations

Flight Pinions are very common and birds normally hang out around cliffs. Here is an example from a lower level area of Limgrave. Any of the outlined areas in the attached image will contain birds. You can boost your yield by using the Silver Scarab which boosts item finds. You can acquire this item in The Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

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