ELDEN RING: Limgrave West Map Fragment Location

In this short guide, we’re going to show you the location of the West Limgrave Map Fragment, and how to obtain early on in the game, so you can navigate the area a little easier!


Elden Ring Limgrave Map | West Map | Where To Find

Step 1
Use this location on your map as a point of reference (starting cave entrance)…

Step 2
Move directly west on your compass from the starting cave entrance…

Step 3
When you get to this location (main gate ruins), then move up to the wagon on the right side of the ruins…

Step 4
With the wagon on your right side, move up to this point in the ruins…

Step 5
When you get to this pillar, then move around right to the other side…

Step 6
Right here on the other side of the pillar you will find the map fragment of West Limgrave 🙂

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