ELDEN RING: All Cookbook Locations Guide

This is a guide to all the Cookbook locations in Elden Ring. I will add pictures later but for now I have described the locations to help find them more easily.


Requirements for Some Locations
For certain Cookbooks, you will be required to go to certain locations to grab them. I have already written guides that contain how to get there so please refer to them if you need direction on how to reach the required Areas.

  • White-Face Varre Questline
  • Ranni’s Questline
  • Haligtree Medallion
  • Ranni’s Questline
  • Haligtree Medallion
  • Path to the Frenzied Flame
Nomadic Cookbook
1. Kale in Church of Elleh

2. Kale in Church of Elleh

3. Nomad in North Limgrave, West of Summonwater Village

4. Next to giant bear by Patches teleport(open the trapped chest in Murkwater Cave, located in the river going North from the lake in Limgrave)

5. Nomad Northwest of Fort Haight in the South-East section of the forest in East Limgrave

6. Fort Haight in the South-East section of the forest in East Limgrave

7. North of Stormhill Shack at the edge of the broken bridge

8. Tombsward Cave, South-East of Fourth Church of Marika in North-West Weeping Peninsula

9. Tombs ward Catacombs, South of Church of the Pilgrimage in North Weeping Peninsula.

10. In Stormveil Castle, from Rampart Tower Grace, go through the North Door and jump to the roof in the East. Keep going this way and you’ll find it.

11. Nomad at the entrance to Liurnia Lake

12. Rose Church, South-West of Raya Lucaria

13. Nomad North of Bellum Church in North-East Liurnia Lake

14. Smoldering Church North-East Limgrave/North-West Caelid

15. Nomad South of Caelid swamp at fork in the road.

16. Nomad in South/Center of Ainsel River.

17. Nomad in center of Siofra River on top of wooden house.

18. Nomad in center of Siofra River on top of wooden house.

19. Woodfolk Ruins, East of the Minor Erdtree in North Altus Plateau

20. Nomad in North Mt. Gelmir, North-East of Volcano Manor

21. Volcano Manor in the area hidden behind the Illusory Wall in one of the hallway rooms.

22. Chest in West Lake of Rot, West of Ainsel River underground. May require Ranni’s questline.

23. Consecrated Snowfield, North of the first Grace. Requires Haligtree Medallion

24. Mohgwyn Palace on the edge of the cliffs past the swamp. Requires Haligtree Medallion or completion of White-Faced Varre’s Questline.

Missionary Cookbook
1. Kale in Church of Elleh

2. Patches in Murkwater Cave located in the river going North from the lake in Limgrave.

3. Smoldering Church North-East Limgrave/North-West Caelid

4. Minor Erdtree Church, Southwest Leyndell Capital.

5. Siofra Aqueduct, in the crater in South-East forest in East Limgrave, made after Radahn fight. Past the Crucible Knight, North-East of Ancestral Woods Grace.

6. Volcano Manor, from Temple of Eiglay Grace, go up the elevator and hop down into the lava. Go past the the Iron maiden, through a window, down a ladder, and down the stairs.

7. Nomad in Mountaintops of the Giants, near the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Grace.

Armorer Cookbook
1. In camp north-east of North Agheel Lake Grace

2. Nomad by Coastal Cave in South-West Limgrave

3. Nomad Northwest of Fort Haight in the South-East section of the forest in East Limgrave

4. Castle Redmane in South-East Caelid in the North-West gatehouse

5. Castle Redmane in South-East Caelid. Follow the path going through the door in the South-West.

6. Siofra River. West of the Siofra River Bank Grace

7. Fort Laiedd in West Mt. Gelmir. West of Volcano Manor.

Fevor’s Cookbook
1. On a stone tomb south of Summonwater Village in North-East Limgrave

2. Nomad East of Raya Lucaria Main Gate Grace. Requires Glintstone Key gotten next to the Dragon West of Raya Lucaria.

3. Reward from Gideon Ofnir for information on Mohgwyn Dynasty Medallion. Requires either Haligtree Medallion or finishing White-Faced Varre’s Questline.

Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook
1. In outpost North-West of Church of Irith next to Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace

2. Lanskyar Ruins in South East Liurnia Lake

3. Highway Lookout Tower in East Liurnia Lake, North-West of Liurnia Highway North Grace

4. Academy Gate Town South-East of Raya Lucaria Academy. It’s in a chest North-West of the Grace.

5. Raya Lucaria Academy in a chest past the Schoolhouse Classroom Grace

6. Caria Manor in a room South-East of the courtyard.

7. Pidia in Caria Manor. Complete Caria Manor then go to Seluvis’s Rise West of it and then go east and drop onto the rampart from the cliff.

8. South-West of Albinaurics Rise in East Consecrated Snowfield. Requires Haligtree Medallion.

Frenzied Cookbook
1. Frenzied Flame Village in North-East Liurnia Lake

2. On the path down to the Frenzied Flame.

Perfumer’s Cookbook
1. Perfumer’s Ruins, North-West of Abandoned Coffin Grace in Altus Plateau, found by going through the “Cowards” path past the Magma Wyrm.

2. Rooftops of Shaded Castle in North Altus Plateau

3. Auriza Side Tomb North East of Leyndell. Open the chest in the room with a lot of benches.

4. Nomad in South/Center Ainsel River

Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook
1. Wyndham Catacombs in West Altus Plateau. South-East of Volcano Manor

2. Nomad just North of the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Grace on the South side of the broken bridge in North/Central Altus Plateau.

3. Cathedral of Dragon Communion in South Caelid, West of Castle Redmane.

4. Crumbling Farum Azula on a roof in the South-West section past a dragon.

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