ELDEN RING: How To Take Screenshots With HDR Enabled

Do you like using HDR with Steam games, but your screenshots look washed-out? This guide is here to fix this issue!



Do your screenshots look washed-out with HDR enabled?
Here is a comparison between a Steam screenshot and a screenshot made using this guide.Before:



  1. Enable HDR in OBS (use a Game Capture source):
  2. OBS settings -> Video -> (Scaled) Output Resolution & Base (Canvas) Resolution: set to your prefered screenshot resolution, probably your monitor’s resolution
  3. OBS settings -> Hotkeys -> Screenshot (Output): set your favorite hotkey, don’t use F12
  4. Convert your screenshots to JPEGhttps://png2jpg.com
  5. Put the JPEG files in the Steam screenshots folder (can be opened via Steam screenshot viewer)
  6. Use “Bulk Rename Utility” for the JPEGs with the following settings: replace “-” with “”, remove first 11, remove from 9 to 9, suffix “_1”
  7. Restart Steam
  8. Upload your Screenshots


  • The Windows Game Bar is NOT working correctly for Elden Ring HDR screenshots! Both, the HDR and SDR versions, look way too bright and oversaturated.
  • As far as I know, Steam doesn’t support jpeg files with HDR metadata, so this HDR to SDR conversion is the closest you may get to true HDR on Steam screenshots.
  • I’m not sure, if step 6 is required, but the thumbnail folder can be ignored.
  • You have to keep OBS running in the background, while the Game Capture source is enabled and visible (like if you would stream or record the game)

By Berny23

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