ELDEN RING: How to Easily Kill Starscourage Radahn

A quick and easy guide on how to kill one of the most versatile and enormous bosses in the game.



The 1st thing you need to have in mind is that you’re going to get f*ucked, in all possible ways and holes, so is important to stay positive and, above all, blame your controller or keyboard for failing you (maybe consider buying a better gaming chair idk)

Equipment and Level

So when I killed him i was like lvl 40 and with Greatsword +6 (guys don’t go around The Lands Between with some dagger or sh*it, take care of yourselves), I know I’m pretty good so idk if you guys could do it in that lvl. I highly recommend to squeeze all you can out of Limgrave and maybe even beat the s*it out of some Liurna’s bosses, maybe becoming a simp of Renna could work too


I highly suggest that you guys go to your nearest church and pray a little before evert try, this helps a lot trust me, the priest of my neighbourhood thought I was doing some creppy stuff and asking me who the f*ck was Radahn and why did he deserve to be burned alive but…yeah.

So when you start the battle, do yourself a favour and spawn the allies, don’t try killing him on your own because, as I pointed out before, you’re going to be protagonizing the newest brazzers movie, starring Radham as you stepbrother, so pls keep in mind that.

When you have all the ppl summoned, get in your horse-goat hybrid and go around him to avoid the arrows, unless you wanna hug the arrows with your face, then just stay at a decent range and take advantage of his fat ass and his annoyingly small horse ( seriously what the actual f*ck is with that horse ) and hit him at the end of the combos

In the 2nd phase, when he transforms himself into a F*CKING METEOR DUDE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT JUST EXPLODES ME EVERY F*KING TIME, you can use the time between he starts flying and lands as a humanoid clash royale wizzard’s fireball to revive some comrades fallen in battle

The rest I can only recommend to repeat the strategy but do NOT try to stay near him while he has his Inazuma Eleven’s meteors around him, use the landscape to avoid them.

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