ELDEN RING: How to FIX Stuttering and Framedrops [NVIDIA Only]

In this guide you can find how to fix stutters and framedrops that many players are encountering.


many players experienced stutters and framedrops during this days, if you are experiencing these issues too just try to follow these steps, hope it helps! [this guide will only cover nvidia only fixes]

Update Nvidia Drivers
The first thing you have to try is to update your nvidia drivers.
Nvidia released on the 14th february an update to optimize Elden Ring.
This can significantly improve your framerate, getting you stable 60 fps, so it’s worth trying.

Change the Shader Cache Size to Unlimited
To fix frame rate drops and stuttering, especially in the open world when exploring or in battle, you can try the following:
-Open NVIDIA Control Panel
-Under “Manage 3D Settings” and the “Global Settings” tab, change “Shader Cache Size” to “Unlimited”

[optional] unlock fps
If you are having trouble with the 60 fps cap, and playing 60 fps on a 144hz gives you stutters, you can try to unlock the fps cap.

*Warning: This hasnt been tested enough to say that it’s safe*

Please make sure your game is set to offline and you start the game without EAC through the utility.

Someone recently released an Fps unlocker for elden ring that you can find right here[github.com].

Follow the steps that you can find in github and be aware of the risks you are taking.

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