ELDEN RING: How to Unlock FPS & Wltrawide

A guide on how to change aspect ratio, unlock FPS, remove vignette and change FOV


How to Unlock FPS & Wltrawide

Rename the folder within the RED box. ADD ( .hgdrj ) at the end of the text

Now copy the ELDENRING.exe file and paste it, so you have two of them.

Now open the properties of the file that you renamed and copy whats within the red box (not the text you added at the end)

Rename the copied ELDENRING.exe paste the text that you just copied and it should look somthing like this.
Now launch the game and make sure that you’re in offline mode. then close the game

Now go ahead and download Flawless Widescreen http://www.flawlesswidescreen.org

then instal the ELDENRING patch within Flawless Widescreen and play around with the settings 🙂

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