Fear & Hunger: Every Legendary Item and Companion

In this totourial you will get all the informations about legendary items and companions, enjoy!



Misama – Strongest sword in game, can be acquired by defeating Crow Mauler.

Location – Top left, first dungeon after you went immadiently on left instead in center gate.

Tip – if you can’t find Crow Mauler, sleep in the crow bed, after failing, the Crow Mauler will greet you

Eastern Sword – Can be acquired in green root cave, after getting it, the ghost will haunt you until you defeat him.

Location – 2nd floor of the Tree.

Penance armor (The Penance armor is a special armor created for the Penance Knights of Vatican. Once you put the armor on, you cannot remove it any more,the armour creates eternal bleeding, the effect can be slown for some time with cloth fragment or antibleed talisman.) – After entering the coult castle, you will need to lighten all the lights and candles in the castle. You will also need the key from the Trtout, found in same location.

Location – after lighting all the candles, the secret passage will be shown in location.

Blue sin – Aftter Getting the sword, you’ll have to use book named “the passage of Ma’habre” instantly.

location – right site of mine cave (not the one with mages.)

Fergal Spear – Can be acquired after putting all 4 cutted arms on stone

Location – Cave under Ma’habre,cave can be founded after finding right place and jumping after. Most commonly the caves spawns on bottom of Gro-groth statue in normal word (not shining one, when music plays).


Cahara – Find him in the level 3 prisons. Let him join your party.
As the player transitions to a new area, he’ll leave, taking some of your supplies. Find him again at the passageway from the mines to the level 7 catacombs to let him join the party permanently.

D’arce – In the Cavedweller village, the player will find her being attacked. Killing the cavedweller allows for her to be recruited, but the village will become hostile to the party.

Enki – Find him in the library and talk to him once. Obtain the Eclipse Talisman, and talk to him again at the library on level 7.
Refuse to give him the talisman, then accept his services.

Ragnvaldr – Ragnvaldr can first be found in the hidden courtyard. Exhaust his dialogue options.
Find him again in the fifth level of the thicket. He can be recruited at this point.

The Marriage – Perform an act of love on a ritual circle.

The Abominable Marriage – As a Marriage, perform an act of love on a ritual circle.

Le’garde – Le’garde can be found in the level 7 catacombs (the one at down of spining stairs). Arrive within 30 minutes of starting a run to recruit him.

Nas’hrah – If the player has the Eclipse Talisman equipped, the Cube of the Depths in possession, and has visited Ma’habre, the wizard can be recruited by talking each turn (you can also talk about him when talking to the yellow mage, cut his arms before talking). Correctly answering his questions will make Nas’hrah join the party.

The Girl – The Girl can be found in a cage on the first floor. Open it with the Lockpicking, a small key, or a red vial.

The Demon Child – Use Demon Seed on a corpse. This will yield a baby demon companion. After a while, the child will become large enough to assist in fights, and for a name to be assigned to the child.

Moonless – Moonless can be found in the cavern below the blood pit. She can be recruited as a party member by using talk during battle and offering two Rotten Meats, one after another.

Ghoul – Use Necromancy on a dead ghoul.

Skeleton – Use Necromancy (as character with this skill) on a skeleton (found in some places, for example small room i, Ma’habre, you’ll find some during progressing the game).

Blood golem – Use Blood golem in a battle (skill can be learnd in table of skill exchange of soulstones).

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