Fear & Hunger: How to Fight All Common Enemies and Win

A guide on how to beat all common enemies throughout the dungeon, this guide does not cover bosses.



Before i start i want to make it clear that this guide will only cover enemies and not bosses.

The enemies in this game can be seemingly unfair with the abilities that they have, they can poison you, infect you, cut off your limbs, permanently decrease your health and even one shot you outright but every single one is like a puzzle, once you figure it out it’s very simple to beat them and because of that i do recommend figuring it out yourself, figuring out the “puzzles” is half the fun of the game in my opinion.

I recommend using this guide if you’re struggling a lot or don’t feel like figuring it out yourself.

And i will also without a doubt get some health numbers wrong, probably most of them, use them as a general guideline and not a 100% certainty because i cant find the health numbers anywhere and the wiki is very unreliable so you can’t trust what it says most of the time.

I am also using health numbers from the Terror and Starvation difficulty as that is what i play, i recommend starting on Fear and Hunger if you’re new though.

With that out of the way, here are some general tips on how to fight most enemies.

JaggedJaw (Hounds)

Health: [20 Head] [350 torso] [20 Front Paws] [20 Back Paws]

The best way fight these dogs is to not bother, there is only one part of the game in which you will have to fight them and that is in the entrance to the [Thicket] so here’s how to kill them.

The dogs have a powerful [Bite] attack which causes Bleed (90% chance) and Infection (30% chance) and a one shot attack, this attack is telegraphed by the game saying [The Jaggedjaw is barking.] on the top of the screen, to dodge it just [Guard] and you will survive 100% of the time, if you have extra party members only the leader will have to guard, the rest can keep attacking.

To kill these dogs as painlessly as possible you should use [Talk] and then [Throw Stick] this will render them useless outside of their one shot for the rest of the battle, whenever you see [The Jaggedjaw is barking.] you should [Guard] and attack whenever there is an opportunity and you will kill them without taking a scratch.

To get a stick you can find them all throughout the dungeon as random drops but there are some in the [Hidden Backyard] leading to the entrance to the [Thicket], one i can remember of the top of my head is right next to the Bunnymasks.

Steal item: N/A


Health: [Head 200ish] [Tentacles 20 each]

The Maneba is more annoying than threatening, they can use [Whip] to hit you for low damage or just swing around wasting their turn.

The head has an attack called [Inject] which will cause your character to be afflicted with [Stomach Parasites], this causes you to gain hunger more rapidly and can only be cured with [Worm Juice] which poisons you so i recommend only using it when you also have a [White Vial] to cure your Poison.

You cannot run from the Maneba unless you have the ability [Escape Plan] which can only be obtained by the Mercenary if you pick [Abandon your Comrades] in his prologue, though you can still run away with any other character by using the default run command in the menu by pressing the cancel key, though this feels unintended.

To kill it just attack the head, that’s pretty much it.

Steal item: N/A


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 700ish?] [Arms 250 each] [Legs 20 each] [“Stinger” 250] the reason why i put the question mark is because the wiki is ridiculously unreliable and i have to go off my own memory.

The guy you’ve all been waiting for, the Guard is an absolute monster that will ruin your day if you don’t know how to fight him so heres his attacks.

He uses his meat cleaver arm to [Hack] at you and cut off one of your limbs, he can also use his “Stinger” to attack you though this is completely up to RNG, most of the time it just… pulsates.

He will use an incredibly powerful coin flip attack with his other arm which will normally one shot you though you can survive it with enough luck and full hp, he will use this attack on the second turn and then every three turns after that, so for an example he uses it on turn 2 and then on turn 5, turn 8, etc.

Should you cut off both of his arms he will use a tackle attack though you should never cut off his right arm as all it does is an avoidable coin flip attack and it renders him harmless as long as you [Guard]

To beat him him you just have to attack his cleaver arm and cut it off before he cuts your arm off, after that [Guard] on turn 2, cut off his Stinger on turn 3, attack at the torso on turn 4, guard on 5, attack the torso on the next few turns and he should die, if you miss you die.

There is another trick that works with all the guards, if you find the Assassin’s Handbook, you can skin two guards and make a disguise out of it, this will prevent guards from chasing you though they will still attack you if you run into them.

There is also a fun trick you can do with this guy, since he is harmless when you cut off his cleaver arm and his stinger you can just farm him for turns with the [Ring of Wraiths] (8hp healed per turn) and the [Sorcerer’s Stone] (10 mind healed per turn) and have a free health and mind dispenser. This also works with the Pinecone Pig which has a 30% chance to give you an item at the start of a fight.

If possible, just avoid them.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins/Meat Cleaver or Rotten Meat/Cell key if in the prison.

Balista Guard

Health: [Head 20] [Body 600ish?] [Ballista 300] [Legs 20 each] [Stinger 250]

You should not fight this guy by yourself, that’s the best advice i can give you though should you do so anyway, well, here’s how to deal with him.

He does nothing on turn 1 outside of preparing his Balista, on turn 2 he shoots you and deals heavy damage, outside of that he can tackle if he loses his arms… oh and he has stinger thrust like the regular Guard, just as RNG if he attacks with it or not.

Overall a simpler but more dangerous fight than with the regular Guard imo, as he deals a lot of damage no matter what and its not nearly as avoidable as with the regular guard, a good strategy is to go for the Balista and cut it off, forcing him to use tackle, cut off the stinger and then spam the torso until he dies, you will take damage but you will probably survive.

Another good strategy is to just go for the torso asap, if you have enough damage you can kill him before the end of the second turn and take no damage but if you don’t you will lose half your health and then kill him.

I really recommend avoiding this guy and only fighting him if you have friends with you, just murder him with the power of friendship and this sword you found.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins / 1 Iron Arrow

Infected Guard

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 700ish] [Arms 250 each] [Legs 20 each] [Stinger 250] [Brain Flower 20]

Please don’t fight this guy alone, you will lose a limb, but if you insist on fighting him here’s how to do it.

All of his moves are the same as the regular Guard, so he can [Hack] your limbs off, one shot you on turn 2, turn 5, turn 8 etc, he has [Stinger Thrust] and also [Tackle] if he loses both of his arms but more importantly he has a [Brain Flower] what this flower does is that it inflicts [Confusion] which will cause whoever is afflicted by it to attack randomly.

What we want to do is first, get [Arm Guards] or the [Salmonsnake Soul] as both of them prevent you from losing limbs (only arms in the case of Arm Guards], this will prevent him from hacking off our limbs.

On the fight itself all you have to do is destroy the [Brain Flower] to avoid the status effect and [Guard] on turn 2, cut off his hacking arm, then his stinger, guard on turn 5 and then just attack the torso until he dies. same as the regular guard

Better yet is to get some friends and murder him together or just ignore his existence and don’t bother with him.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins / Meat Cleaver same as the regular Guard.

Elite Guard

Health: [Head 400] [Torso 1400ish] [Arms 500 each] [Legs 20 each] [Stinger 500] i probably got the numbers wrong, again wiki is unreliable and i have to go off memory.

Please, please don’t fight this guy alone, you will die… but if you want to here’s a way to do it.

So, his attacks are powerful and devastating, with his morning star arm he will deal heavy damage, cause [Broken Bones] which is a permanent health debuff and will also use a coin flip attack with this arm on round 2 like the regular guard.

With his other arm he will just cut your limbs off, he also has his [Stinger Thrust] and [Tackle] if he loses both of his limbs.

Sooooo… how do we kill it? first we need the [Salmonsnake Soul] or [Arm Guards] to not get our limbs chopped off, then get the best weapon you can find (Eastern Sword, Miasma, Blue Sin, etc) and you will also need some [Light Blue Vials], to put it bluntly, don’t fight this guy by yourself.

On turn 1 chop off his morning star arm to avoid [Broken Bones] and then on turn 2 chop off his sword arm, on turn 3 either use a [Light Blue Vial] to heal up or cut off the Stinger depending on the health, then spam torso until he dies.

Just get some friends and gank him, hell, better yet just avoid him completely.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins / Morning Star.

Moonless Guard

Health: [Torso 2000ish] [Arms 300 each] [Legs 20 each]

I forgot about these guys, so, the Moonless Guard is a variant that can only be found in the lvl 7 [Thicket] or in the [Cavedweller Village] with a 10% or so chance, he will kill everyone on the village.

He works the same way as a regular guard but his torso constantly deals a lot of damage and he also has the same coin toss attack as the regular guard, so [Guard] on turn 2, 5, 8, 11, etc

Just cut off his hacking arm and spam the torso, [Guard] when needed, he will deal a lot of damage so i don’t recommend doing it with only one character, fight him with a party.

If you see one just run in the opposite direction, you gain nothing but suffering by fighting them.

Steal item: N/A


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 400ish] [Arms 20 each] [Legs 20 each]

Well this is a nice change of pace, from a tough enemy to one of the easiest ones.

The Ghouls attacks are [Don’t] and [Matter] as you wont see any if you fight him correctly, if you’re curious he just punches you a bit and it doesn’t deal much damage.

Now the best way to kill the Ghoul is to [Talk] to it and select [Prepare To Die!] this will cause the Ghoul to stop attacking for the rest of the fight, then you can select [Talk] again and this time say [What is your origin?] and he will talk a bit, select [Talk] again and this time select [You are a product of Necromancy] and he will just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ die on the spot.

If you don’t feel like murdering a man with nothing but words you can also use the spell [Counter Magic] and he will die instantly.

Something far more interesting about the Ghouls is that you can resurrect them with Necromancy and use them for various things, Marriage, cutting off the arms for the Sergal Spear, sacrificing them for Gro’Goroth affinity and some more stuff, they’re very useful if you know how to use them.

Steal item: Rotten Meat / Dirt


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 300ish] [arm 20] [leg 20] the wiki doens’t even have a rough estimate

You probably don’t even know this guy can be an enemy, the only way to fight a skeleton is to try to reanimate one through [Necromancy] and failing the coin toss.

Their attacks are pretty simple, they will attack with their arm (25% chance of bleeding and 30% of limb loss) and will kick you a bit breaking their own legs in the process, just hit it a bit until it dies.

Do remember to retry the [Necromancy] if you fight this guy, killing him does not prevent you from resurrecting him again anyway.

Steal item: Tobacco / Opium Powder


Health [body 100]

These guys are pathetic, they die on one hit and they only have one attack [Gnaw] which can cause bleed and infection so they’re annoying and should be avoided at all costs as you gain nothing by killing them.

If you [Talk] to them you can say [Kueh~!] which will confuse them and prevent them from attacking, if you have 2 or more party members this is a way to kill them without taking any damage.

Steal item: N/A


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 250ish] [Arms 20 each] [Legs 20 each]

The Priests are pretty simple enemies that can destroy you if you mess up.

They have two attacks, one with their lantern arm with causes the fire status effect which causes damage over time and a chant that is telegraphed by the game saying [Priest Chants Something] and should the player do nothing they will die next turn with no coin toss or chance to survive.

So, to kill them you first attack the lantern arm and then the torso, that’s it, if they start chanting and you’re worried you might miss your attack then you can use the [Talk] command and talk to them, interrupting their chanting.

Steal item: Book of Enlightment (super good, always try to go for it) / some lore book


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 900ish not too sure tbh] [Sword arm 20] [Shield arm 200] [Both legs 20]

Run, that’s the best way to fight this incredibly annoying enemy.

His attacks are a hacking attack with his sword arm which can dismember you, a [Shield] attack that he uses with his shield arm which causes him to counter against any hit which is really annoying, tail whip which is just good damage and poison spit which can poison you.

This enemy is a nightmare to fight solo and the best advice i can give is to cut off the sword arm first, run, come back, cut off a leg, run, come back, cut off the other leg, run, come back and finally cut off the head, this will prevent him from using his counter ability.

If you have party members this becomes much, much quicker but you will probably want to kill this guy as he can drop a [Crude Sword] which is one of the best common weapons you can find, a [Spider Shield] which is also good and a [Ring of Wraiths] which regenerates 8hp per turn, he’s a worthwhile kill, if an annoying one at that.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins / Crude Sword


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 720] [Arms 250 each] [Legs 20 each]

So this girl is an absolute annoyance, Mumblers instead of attacking your health directly they attack your Mind and they’re very good at it, so here’s her attacks.

They have [Shivering touch] which they will use on both of their arms, this decreases your Mind by 10 points each and they also have [Soul Binding] which they have a 1/3 chance of using every turn, this sets your mind to 50, doesn’t lower it by 50, it just sets it exactly at 50.

This is annoying enough but if you attack the head (which has no added evasion so its very easy to do so) they will explode and poison you so you have to… pick your poison, either lose mind or lose health through poison, most of the time i would say the poison is the better of two evils as long as you have a [White Vial] or a Pinecone Pig to farm said vials.

Oh yeah if you’ve gotten a [Spirit Anchor] from Nosramus you can equip it and it counters [Soul Binding] causing it to do nothing.

And also if you find the [Infected Mumbler] its basically the same fight but you destroy the [Brain Flower] first.

Overall, just ignore this enemy and try to avoid it, you get nothing by fighting it.

Steal item: 5 Silver Coins / 1 Diamond

Greater Mumbler

Health: [Head 350] [Torso 1560] [Arms 400 each] [Legs 300 each]

So the Greater Mumbler, she’s the big sister of the regular Mumbler and much more dangerous, she can destroy your mind in just a couple turns and use Acid which… well, i’ll explain it in a second.

Her attacks are as follows, she has a 1/3 chance of using [Soul Binding] and if she uses her bell arm she will cast [Empty Echo] which deals comical amounts of mind damage, up to 60 from what i’ve seen, her hand with the lantern will use [Green Flame] which will deal a good bit of damage and is supposed to melt your weapon with Acid but… it’s bugged so it doesn’t work… phew

So how do we kill her? i recommend just going for the head, yes you will get poisoned but if you know you can deal 350 damage in one turn you can avoid all the pain of acid and mind damage which is very worthwhile.
If you have a party that can deal 1560 damage in one turn then that works too, the last option is just to destroy the bell arm and get rid of the Mind damage leaving you with just the annoying 30 or so damage of the other attack.

Just avoid her if possible.

Steal item: 5 Silver Coins / 1 Diamond

Night Lurch

Health: [Head 200] [Torso 900ish] [Arms 250 each] [Legs 20 each] [“horn” 20] [Brain Flower 20 (if present)]

this guy… he’s really annoying but manageable, the first tip that i can give is that if you find an [Assassin’s Handbook] you can craft a disguise by getting 2 [pale skins] which will make the Night Lurch ignore you.

His attacks are, well, first up he can pounce at you in the overworld which will give you a unique status effect which just causes you to bleed on the overworld every 10 or so seconds, very annoying.

In the actual fight itself he can use [Critical Slash] which deals good damage, causes Bleeding, 50% Infection and a 70% chance to cause [Critical State] what this does is that the next time you get hit you are taken to 1hp… i think you can understand why he’s very annoying.
He also has an attack called [Nasty Bite] which causes Infection on the arm or the leg, not both, only one
At the end of turn 2 and later turn 5, 8, 11, etc, he will do a coin flip attack, to avoid it you have to guard at the right turn.

If you’re alone the best way to fight him is to hope for a 25% chance of him not seeing you when the fight starts and getting a free turn, cut off the “horn” and then run away, come back and then cut off the head, this will prevent him from getting a single turn, if you fail, well, that’s why you don’t fight Night Lurches alone.

If you’re in a party just talk to him and offer [Rotten Meat] this will force him to skip a turn and your party members will get to deal damage for free, this only works every 2 turns though, if you offer [Rotten Meat] the next turn he will decline but if you don’t and you offer it the turn after he will take it… weird.
Anyway, just attack different body parts with your party members and kill it until he dies.

Or avoid it, best call no matter what.

OH YEAH THERE’S A VARIANT WITH A BRAIN FLOWER… its basically the same but you attack the flower first to avoid [Confusion]

Steal item: 5 Silver Coins / 1 Diamond

Miner Spectre

Health: [Body 450]

The Miner Spectre is a simple but dangerous fight, the best way to fight him is to not do so, you get nothing out of killing him and you can get a permanent debuff but lets talk about it.

The Miner Spectre only has 1 noteworthy attack called [Ruin] what this does is that it lowers your mind and also gives you the status effect [Ruin], this makes your character look physically older and if you’re hit with it 3 times you die.

The only way to deal damage to them is through Cursed weapons or Magic as anything else will do nothing, if you don’t have either just run.

Just don’t bother fighting this guy if possible.

Steal item: N/A

Yellow Mage

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 900ish] [Arms 300 each] [Legs 20 each]

The Yellow Mage can be a very dangerous enemy especially because the fight starts before you even get to the battle screen, when he sees you he will make an animation that lasts 2.5 seconds which will blow up one of your limbs so you need to run straight at him.

The yellow mage has a couple of attacks, first up he has [Hurting] which is the spell that blows up your limbs, this cannot be blocked though the game will tell you he’s preparing to cast it, he also has [Stinging Swarm] which is an AOE attack that stuns your party members for two turns.

What you want to do is to go after one of the legs as this will prevent him from casting [Hurting] and then all he has is an annoying spell, after that rip off the Left Arm and then he will be completely harmless.

Another thing you can do with the Yellow Mage is that you can talk to him and get an [Eclipse Talisman] this item is needed to get Nas’hrah and Enki, two companions you can find in the dungeon, just select [Talk] and then [Which God do you serve?] and then [Gro’Goroth], [Talk] again and this time pick [Can you teach me about Gro’Goroth] and you will get the Talisman.

Also if you destroy both legs he will not even cast [Hurting] on you in the overworld, so you can pacify him if you wish.

Steal item: 10 Silver Coins / Eclipse Talisman

Cave Dwellers

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 1000ish] [Arms 20 each] [Legs 20 each] [“Stinger”/Breasts 20]

Cave Dwellers are downright sad, they’re one of the most pathetic enemies in the game as the only source of damage they have is the arm holding a rock so just cut it off and then kill them.

Though Cave Dwellers are more useful as friends than enemies, there is a merchant among them that sells [Quill (needed for empty scrolls)] [Blue Vial] [Dried Meat] and [Explosive Vial] but you will have to anger them to get the [Cube of the Depths] which is needed for progression.

There is a way to get the Cube without angering them though, you can get the [Stone Crown] which is obtained by killing the [Salmonsnake] if you equip it and then grab the Cube you wont anger them.

Steal item: Gnome Milk / Egg

Steal item from the ones in Ma’Habre: 5 Silver Coins / 1 Diamond

Bloody Man

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 900ish] [Both arms 20] [Both legs 20] i’m honestly not too sure about the health of this mob, the wiki says nothing and treats them like a regular Ghoul though im almost sure they have more health.

The Bloody Man is basically the same thing as Ghoul except for a couple differences.

His attacks consist of a bunch of infection causing and bleed developing attacks that deal minimal damage, these should be no threat to you since you probably have the [Salmonsnake Soul] which cures Bleed and Infection, if you don’t, go find the Salmonsnake, they’re in the Mines.

Overall the most notable difference is that saying [Prepare to Die!] doesn’t do anything but you can still kill them with words by saying [What is your Origin?] and then saying [You are a product of Necromancy!].

Steal item: Rotten Meat / Dirt/


Health: [Body 1000]

There really isn’t much to say about the Scarab as they only have two moves, [Poke] and [Acid Burst].

Poke deals minimal damage but the Acid attack which comes at the end of the 2nd turn not only deals… minimal damage but it also destroys your weapon.

If you have the DPS to burst him down you can just deal 1000 damage in the first 2 turns and call it a day but if you don’ you should run and not bother with them, there’s no reason to deal with this guy as you gain nothing.

If you have the skill [Mastery Over Insects] you can [Talk] to the scarab and convince it to leave.

Steal item: N/A

Body Snatcher

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 2000ish] [All hands 20] [Legs 20 each]

If i’m completely honest this enemy isn’t that threatening, while he may look cool and imposing the biggest threat he poses is through Poison and Paralysis.

He can cast attacks that inflict Poison and paralysis on you with his hands that have daggers and blowpipes but you should already have a lot of ways to deal with this at this point in the game.

Just equip the [Salmonsnake Soul] and cut off his arms with your party members, if you’re solo i just recommend avoiding this encounter altogether as all you get by beating him is [Throwing Darts] (super useful against enemies like the Crow Mauler), [Throwing Knives] and his [Thrench Coat] which is not bad but you probably have better armor at this point in the game.

Avoid him unless you want the poison items and if you want them just cut off his hands.

Steal item: Soul Stone / Throwing Dart

Lord of the Flies

Health: [Head 20] [Torso 775] [Arms 400 each] [Legs 20 each]

The Lord of the Flies can pretty dangerous and he has some pretty interesting quirks, here’s his attacks.

He will use an attack that deals about 30 damage with his both of his arms (so 60 damage per turn) and he will also use an attack called [Bad Breath] which deals decent damage and inflicts Poison on you with a 95% hit chance.

The Lord of the Flies also has an coin flip attack that is telegraphed by the game saying [The arm of the Beast twitches…] you should guard next turn or he will drag you somewhere, curiously this doesn’t kill you, it brings you to one of two locations in the Present Ma’Habre and you can escape by either using [Lockpicking], a [Red Vial] or a [Small Key].

There is also a 33% chance of your character receiving a coin flip attack on the first turn which does not kill you, it just causes you to vomit and lose 10hp.
He also has a 33% chance at the end of each turn to attract some flies and cause about 10 damage.

So how do we kill it? well, if you’re solo you need to be able to deal 400+ damage to be able to cut off his arms, if you deal 800+ then go for the one shot on the torso, if you can’t break either damage threshold then just, don’t, don’t try to fight it or you will brutally die.

With a party it’s quite different, you can use [Talk] and say [Please Don’t!] then say [Why are you attacking me then?] and finally pick [What if i don’t want that!?] which will cause him to skip a turn and your party members get to deal damage for free, if an arm twitches [Guard] with the the leader but basically just repeat until dead.

Steal item: Raw Meat / Small Seeds


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 2500ish] [Embryo 2000ish] [Arms 20 each] [Legs 20 each]

So this creepy fella is basically just a DPS check, if you can dps her down before she gets to do anything, great!, if you don’t, enjoy taking a lot of damage.

She has no real status effects, just strong attacks from both of her arms and her embryo once its birthed, don’t bother with the legs of head as they do nothing.

To kill her you just have to destroy the arms and then dps down the embryo, you have 4 turns to do this before that thing decides to stab the heck out of you and those stabs hurt a lot
with 4 party members with good weapons like Eastern Sword, Miasma and Blue Sin this should be a cakewalk but if you’re solo or you don’t have the dps just… don’t.

She’s very slow and you get nothing out of fighting her, avoid if possible.

Steal item: White Vial / Orange Vial.


Health: [Head 400] [Torso 3000ish] [Arms 750 each] [Legs 20 each] [Tail 20]

The Lizardmage can be a tough fight but at this point you should have a party of 4 which should make this much simpler.

Here’s his attacks, he uses his left hand (the one with the staff) to cast [Locust Swarm] which stuns your whole party and he uses his right hand (the one with the club) to use a bunch of slashing attacks, nothing you haven’t dealt with before.

Basically, just destroy the Locust Swarm hand first and then destroy the club hand and he’s dead, always if you don’t have the dps or you’re solo just don’t bother with him, all you gain is a couple elixirs and you can buy those in bulk.

You can use the [Talk] command to say [Please don’t!] and he will take pity on you and give you an elixir of body before he pummels you into the ground again.

Steal items: N/A


Health: [Body 2500ish] [Arms 20 each] [Legs 20 each]

The Molded is nothing you haven’t seen before, lot of damage, lot of health, stomach juices that poison you and are spit out, you know, the usual.

Their main attack is their stomach juices that hit for a sizable chunk of damage and have a high chance to poison you, none of this should be an issue since you’re in the Void at this point and you should be a god of death and destruction by now.

If you have a party just DPS them down quickly and don’t let them get too many turns and if you’re alone… don’t? its not too hard to avoid them and you’re in the Void, you gain less than nothing by fighting them.

Steal items: N/A


Health: [Head 20] [Torso 2500ish] [Wings 500 each] [Legs 20 each]

As the name implies these guys are an absolute Blight to fight, the best way to deal with them is to avoid them entirely, they are a drain on resources and could even cost you a limb or two and you’re already at the end of the game so there’s no point in bothering.

They attack with both of their wings and also their beak and all of these hit for sizable chunks of damage and can even cause [Critical Damage] which next hit you’re brought down to 1hp

If you have a party you probably have more than enough DPS to kill these guys before they cause too much harm but the best way to deal with them is to avoid them entirely.

You can also use the same [Talk] command as with the Cavegnome, the [Kueh~!] which will confuse them in the same way, this will allow your party to get a free turn.

Steal item: N/A

The End!

And with that i think that’s all of the common enemies in Fear & Hunger, i hope this guide was of some use to you and any mistakes will hopefully be corrected in the future.

I am aware that there is a lack of information here, finding information on all of these enemies is hard as there isn’t much documentation on this game out there and a lot of it is straight up wrong so i’m very sorry if i ended up spreading misinformation, please point out any mistakes or major gaps in the guide and i will try to update them.

Though this guide is not done, i will try to continue playing the game and learning more about these enemies to see exactly how they work, their health values and how to most effectively kill them, either with a party or solo, in case you couldn’t tell i don’t have much experience with solo and i hope to rectify that in the future so expect some updates to this.

With all of that done and dusted, i hope you found this information somewhat useful and if you have any question please ask them and i will try to answer to the best of my abilities.

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