Fear & Hunger: How to Open Up the Cheat Menu Console

Easy trick and easy installation to have the game all in your way. Being able to heal all limbs back to full, heal all HP, get any items, opens up the Cheat Menu

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How to Open Up the Cheat Menu Console

If you find the game too hard, and just want to progress the story or achieve the endings you want.

Download the RPG Cheat Plugin from Github

simply paste it onto your game installation.

O:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fear & Hunger

Now simply boot up the game, and press 1. Now you can spawn any items you want, remove status, heals hp back to full. This makes the game alot easier and is far easier to manage in any difficulty.

You can also use the command to spawn in any books or save pages, so you can now have infinite saves. without the need of Modding.

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