Every missable in the game, bundled together with things I considered worth mentioning cause why not.

This guide is structured by location in the order you reach them. Spoilers. Obviously.


Elden Ring and you
Long story short

Unfortunately for those of you that will be playing this game instead of Elden Ring and were counting on my guide I am a Tarnished first before I am a guide maker.

What does this mean?

This means that I will be working on finishing the raw content and adding as much to the format as possible (after my actual work is done) until Elden Ring is released. However all the fancy screenshots and fact checking I do while playing the game will be happening later.

For the time being any fact checking will rely on user comments until I finish my duties to Miyazaki san to be able to resume work on this guide 🙂

Save Slots

Use them. That’s it… this section’s only purpose is the first -and last- friendly reminder that you have like 20 Save Slots to use as backup. Even in FFII, which bloats the amount of sections with the Passwords, you should have enough of them to make one as soon as you hit the “Availability” of each zone.

Also, do try to prioritize the missables over anything else, this will save you headaches having to reload any of the aforementioned backups 🙂

Self esteem booster

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World of Balance
Figaro Castle

Dialogue: During the boss fight against Magitek Armor x2 use magic as Terra for some extra dialogue.

Mt. Kolts
Item: Grab the Main Gauche in this area.
In theory it can be stolen later as well from Lesser Lopros, but this is just easier.

Magitek Research Facility

Summon: After defeating Ifrit make sure to pick up the Magicite.

Cave of the Sealed Gate
Item: Collect the Ultima Weapon before the Floating Continent becomes available in the story.
Item: Get Kazekiri, otherwise it has to be stolen from the Number 128 boss.


Party Member: Mog will join if you choose hum over a Gold Hairpin and you have a free party slot (otherwise he goes to the Blackjack).

Mog Dances

Dance: Mog can learn Water Harmony fighting at Serpent Trench or Lethe River only.

Floating Continent

Party Member: After the boss fight with Nelapa, during your escape make sure to wait until 0:05 for Shadow to return, otherwise Shadow is gone forever.

Item: Make sure you bought the following gear from shops across the world:
Bastard Sword, Kodachi, Sakura, Kotetsu, Kiku-ichimonji, Morning Star, Hawkeye, Boomerang.
Mythril Claws.
Magus Hat, Tiara.
Bandana //This one may not be missable if PR is based on the Japanese versions in which Setzer has one equipped by default.
Twist Headband //Technically this one can be stolen from Iron Fists and dropped by Dadaluma as well but screw that.

Solitary Island

Party Member: Save Cid by feeding him a Delicious fish and an Ordinary fish.

Cave on the Veldt

Item: Get the Ichigeki. // THIS MAY NOT BE MISSABLE

Ancient Castle
Summon: From where you got Odin stand in front of the right throne, take 4 steps down and press A. This will open a path on the east side of the room, inside it you will fight a Blue Dragon, after which you can interact with a stone that will turn your Odin Magicite into Raiden Magicite.
NOTE1: Odin has +1 Speed bonus vs Raiden has Strength +2 bonus.
NOTE2: There is another summon with +2 Speed in the GBA Version of the game, not sure on the PR including it yet.
NOTE3: Odin’s teachable spell can be learned from another Magicite.

Summon: Choose the Magicite, ignore the Ragnarok sword, you can get it later.
NOTE: Another sword, Lightbringer, will be missed by choosing the Magicite, since this sword can only be obtained by betting the Ragnarok sword at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum.
Item: Get the Cursed Shield and do not sell or bet it under any circumstances.

Kefka’s Tower
Lore: When making teams, send Strago to the Left Switch so he can fight Fiend for Force Field.
SIDENOTE: Left is Fiend, Middle is Guardian and Goddess, Right is Demon
Item: Steal the Ragnarok sword from the Lady boss fight, you will keep it after the credits roll.

Actually open it… No, really

Turns out the Bestiary in the Pixel Remasters is not only an awesome compendium, but actually it basically works as a Pokedex too. It is actually so good that there is no reason for the wiki link [] to be here anymore lol

Display Map

This is the one feature that makes research obsolete, long story short just chase ? marks if you are planning to complete the Bestiary.
World Monsters: These will show up as a big ? mark, if you go to the location where the mark is you will find a missing entry.
Dungeon Monsters: While a little less precise, it will still show how many entries are in the dungeon and a ? mark for those missing so you know if you have completed it or need to keep running around.

Sidenote: Yes, I figured this out right before completing the Bestiary in FFIV and did not take any screenshots of the ? marks, use your imagination.

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