FOREWARNED: Match Setting (Difficuly Types & Maps Sizes)

The game right now offers 4 different difficulties and 3 different map sizes, each of these give different amount of loot… and an higher chance of death.

Difficulty Types:
  • Easy Difficulty: You can guess it by it’s name, this is gonna be “easy peasy”. Every player can take 5 hits before dying and there is no timer. Gold is worth a little less than normal.
  • Normal Difficulty: Still easy, but not too much. Every player can take 4 hits and there a 10 minutes timer before the Mejai seals the Inner Tomb and starts hunting in his Physical Form. Gold is worth a normal amount (Around 20 gold per pile if i’m not wrong)
  • Hard Difficulty: Gonna be honest, it isn’t that hard yet. Every player can take 3 hits and the timer is reduced to 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Gold is worth more. Better start running!
  • Brutal Difficulty: If you thought that Hard was easy, then have fun with this. Unless you’re playing in a party of at least 3, it is mostly impossible to get all the loot and figure out the Mejai name before the time expires in a medium or large map. Every player can take only 2 hits before dying, and the timer this time is reduced to the low amount of 4 minutes. Gold piles are worth around 35 each if i’m not wrong.
Maps Sizes:
  • Small Map: The map is gonna be (obviously) small, the loot is reduced and there are only 3 gold piles spawning into the map.
  • Medium Map: The map is now bigger, probably around 2 times as big as the small size map. There are gonna be 5 gold piles around the map this time.
  • Large Map: The biggest type of map, around 2 times larger than the medium size one. There are 7 gold piles scattered around this BIG BOI, good luck finding them!
Bonus Mode?

I’ve had quite a few games in which the amount of loot was doubled, for example, a Brutal Medium Size map was giving me a total of 10 gold piles instead of the usual 5, and there were 4 lore pages into it! I suggest you play the run fully if you get this kind of match, you’re gonna be rich!

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