FOREWARNED: All Equipments List (Best Way to Use)

Currently, there are a lot of items available for use in FOREWARNED. Here is the list and the way to use each of them the best way possible.

Hard Hat

Your trusty helmet, coming with a built-in weak flashlight. Once fully upgraded, it can be used instead as your only light source. (Default keybind for the Hard Hat flashlight is “F”). If you notice the flashlight turning on and off on itself, then you better write down the “Electronic Disturbances” evidence. Upgrades increase the distance at which the light can travel, along with the power of the flashlight.

Smart Watch

Global Chat basically. Your voice becomes distorted the further you are from the person listening to it. Upgrading it makes it clearer on higher distances. Once fully upgraded should have unlimited range with clear sounds.

Photo Camera

The Camera is used to take photos for extra EXP in game. Be sure to check your laptop for the secondary objectives in order to know which photos you have to take! Upgrades increase number of photos you can take up to a maximum of 9.


Is there even a need to introduce us to our savior “THE FLASHLIGHT”? Light shines further than the helmet. Yes, that’s all it does more than the helmet. Same as the helmet, if it turns on and off on itself, then it’s “Electronic Disturbances” evidence. Upgrades increase the distance at which the light can travel, along with the power of the flashlight.


I WIELD THE POWER OF FLAME! Anyway, it provides a light source around you rather than in front of you, can also be used to light up the torches and fire places inside the tomb. Requires a Lighter to light up. If you hear a loud blow while holding it and it turns off, then it’s “Extinguished Flames” evidence. Can be upgraded to increase the Flame duration before you have to lit it up again.


Used for nothing more than lighting up the torch or the fire places. Necreph should not be able to see the light produced by it (TO BE TESTED). Cannot be upgraded.

Radar System

A big computer-like thingy that is set up in your tent. By using it you can check out the map layout ahead of time. It can be used along the Radar Sensor to get “Radar Detection” evidence. Upgrades the coverage of the radar system.


A normal compass. Can be used to detect the “Magnetic Distortion” evidence. Cannot be upgraded.

Geiger Counter

Allows the user to detect radioactivity in the surrounding area. You have to move a lot to detect it. Once it starts responding, even the slightest movement of the counter counts as “Radioactivity” evidence. Upgrades allow the item to detect smaller radioactivity.

Metal Detector

Used to cross over the spike trap room by detecting the spikes in the floor with it. If the Mejai appears beside you in his spiritual form, you can use the Metal Detector on it, if it detects metal, it counts as “Metallic Signature” evidence. Upgrades increase sensibility, allowing for easier detecting.

Handheld Radio

A radio with some weird music playing on it alongside the same news over and over (Not complaining, the game is still in E.A.). It can be used to find the entrance to the tomb if turned on and placed down, or can be used to distract Dekan (Most probably works, but didn’t test yet). Didn’t buy yet so i can’t tell about upgrades, i used my friend’s radio ’till now lol.


Your biggest friend if the Mejai is Necreph. Once upgraded to level 2, it allows the use of Night Vision, which makes you able to see in the dark while not producing light that could alert Necreph. Can also be used as some sort of Videocamera for your live streams directly for your tent-support players. First upgrade adds Night Vision, following upgrades increase the night vision distance (removes the “fog”).

Radar Sensor

A sensor that once placed down produces a Radar scan on the Radar System. If the Mejai dares to walk into the Radar scan range, it will appear as a red dot on the Radar System, giving you the “Radar Detection” evidence. Upgrades increase range of the scan.

Heka Amulet

An amulet that protects the user from Ouphris attacks. Activate while Ouphris is whistling to avoid being attacked for a little while. Do not get spooked by the weird voices the Amulet produces while in active. Upgrades increase duration.


An upcoming item that allows the user to translate Hieroglyphs.

Divining Rod

An upcoming item that allows the user to find Gold easily.


An upcoming item. Name says it all, probably used to open up the inner tomb in case it is sealed, or to kill the Mejai Physical form for a while.

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