Garry’s Mod: Basic Wiremod Hover Ball Air Brake Device

This guide will show you how to use the wiremod hover ball to create a basic air brake; this specific device can be used to prevent a machine or vehicle from spinning out of control or going too fast.


Setup Advice
I advise you to keep the Hover ball strength as low as possible and to mainly use air resistance to keep your creation under control; but you will need to change this for bigger creations.

Also; keep “Create with hover mode on” enabled unless you plan to wire the Hover balls “on” to some sort of breaking system; like a “Greater Than” gate linked to a speedometer.

Step 1.
The first thing you want to do is find the Hover ball tool in the wiremod menu and select it.

Step 2.
Spawn a hover ball and move it into position; you will need to experiment with its location and settings for maximum effect.

Step 3.
Use the wire tool to select the Hover ball and wire “ZTarget” to “Z”; this will cause the Hover ball to go towards its own Z co-ordinates, meaning it won’t pull what its attached to up or down on its own.

Step 4.
Weld the Hover ball to the main body of whatever you need it to be connected to; you can connect it to parts that aren’t the main body but I don’t advise this unless its particularly sturdy.

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