Garry’s Mod: 60+ FPS Guide 2022

This guide will show you how to get 60+ fps on Garry’s Mod



Are you tired of 30 fps? Are you tired of storage space filled up? Well in this guide, i’ll show you how to stop this!

Improved FPS Booster

A big help is the addon Improved FPS Booster. This is mainly for servers, but it also works with normal singleplayer games.
To use it is very simple.

Press options to configure the settings. A menu will pop up. Then, configure around a bit. Always have multicore rendering enabled.


A main problem with people’s FPS is with addons. Most of the time, it’s nextbots and maps you don’t use. Keep a few nextbots, maybe only one. Delete any maps you don’t use anymore.

Here’s a few maps that I have deleted. Note that most of these maps are liminal spaces.

Mounting Games

This one is gonna be quick. Unmount any games that aren’t that important, unless you like playing on the maps.



Inside of settings, go to video. Decrease the resolution. You can change it to your liking, but i’m using 1600 x 900. Not much of a difference though.

After, go to advanced. This is where most fps drops come from.
Decrease the texture and models to somewhere below high. I choose medium. After, lower any other choices down. Make sure to keep Multicore Rendering! Then press OK, and Apply.


Type net_graph 1 in the console, and you should see 60+ fps! Congrats! If this didn’t work, i’m sorry. Bye!

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