Geometry Dash: How to Practice Mode on a Platformer Level (2.2)

In this guide, you will see how to play practice mode on a Platformer Level 🙂


Practice Mode Guide

1. Open Geometry Dash
2. Connect a Controller
3. Select a Platformer Level
4. Pulse “Escape”; if you do that, and you select Practice Mode, you will see that it doesn’t work, so:
5. Pulse the “Square symbol” (PS4)
6. Now, press the Square symbol again to put Checkpoints, and press the Circle symbol to remove them.

Now you can practice quietly “I wanna be the guy”, “Jet Lag”, or another complicated level you
want to practice.

Possible Questions

-Can I play any online level and levels of “The Tower”? -> Yes, By the moment, it works on online levels and Robtop levels.

-It also works with Switch or Xbox controller? -> To be honest, I don’t know that, but probably yes.

-Can I play without using a controller? -> To active practice mode, you need to use a controller, but if you want to play with Keyboard or Mouse, you can disconnect the controller after activating the Practice Mode, and put the checkpoints with “z” and remove them with “x”

-Can I hear the original song of the level in the Practice Mode? -> Yes, you only have to put a checkpoint, and then die once.

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