Geometry Dash: Top 10 Easiest Demons For Beginners

For anybody who might be struggling finding the right demons for you to beat, here is a list of the 20 easiest demons with some details and conclusions about each one of them.


1- abcdefghijklmopqrs by NeoSweet
So lets just get this one out of the way first…. As of November 2021, this level still has a secret way in it.

Details: The trick is not too hard to pull off, but you need to get fairly close to the blue gravity pad at 13%. Getting as close as possible and jumping over it will result in you going through the block above, and you will fall all the way to the ground after you exit the block.

(My diagram below kind of sucks, so you can check out a video on YouTube of somebody using the secret way if you need help)

2- The Nightmare by Jax
Well, you knew this one was coming…

Details: This level is the easiest demon in Geometry Dash without a secret way. The level requires only slight memorization for the most part. The ship parts in the level are a bit tricky if you are not good with ship. The rest of the level is just simple memorization, but there is a tricky part at the end that you might not like.

Conclusion: If there is any level on this list that I think should be everyone’s first completed demon, i think that it should definitely be this one.

3- The Lightning Road by Timeless
Details: The only reason why this isn’t easier than the nightmare is because of the weird gameplay near to the end. Most of the level is simple memory and timing but some of it might be tricky to new players, especially at the end.

Conclusion: This level was my 1st completed demon. The level is good for practicing weird gameplay on demons from back in the early days of the game.

4- Platinum Adventure
Details: There is a tiny bit of memorization in this level, including a tricky part at the very end where i died a few times, but other than that there’s nothing that you need to worry about. All you need is a tiny bit of ship and wave skills to maneuver around obstacles.

Conclusion: This level is great for improving ship and/or wave skills if you have poor skill in them.

5- Demon Mixed by RealOggy
Details: This level is just a bunch of easy demons mixed in to one level. All you need to do for this level is just practice it, because most of the level is just memorization.

Conclusion: This is a great level because you are technically practicing multiple demons at once, so when your skill gets more improved you can try and beat some of the demons that are in here.

6- Xstep v2 by IIINeptuneIII
Details: This is just a buffed version of xstep, so if you are good with xstep, than this level shouldn’t be too hard to beat. Also, practice this level thoroughly since all of the cube parts are memorization…

Conclusion: This level is great for improving memorization and cube skills.

7- Lights And Thunder by Lyod
Details: This one is more fast paced than the others on this list. If you are tired of all the memorization demons on this list so far, than you are in luck because this has no memorization at all.

Conclusion: This is a good level to practice fast paced gameplay.

8- Crescendo by MasK463
Details: Again, a huge chunk of this level is memorization, so practice! This is also kind of like xstep, so beating Crescendo and Xstep v2 back to back might be a good idea.

Conclusion: This level should definitely improve your ball skills and memorization skills

9- Clubstep by RobTop
Details: Some people might want to put Clubstep higher up on this list, but from my personal experience, it belongs in the #9 spot. Clubstep was my 5th demon, but it might just be me.

Conclusion: This one is great for improving ship and ufo skills.

10- Electroman Adven v2 by IIINeptuneIII
Details: Again, here is another RobTop level remake. If you know electroman adventures pretty well, than this one should not be too hard. There is also memorization again so keep practicing!

Conclusion: This level is great for improving skill with mini gamemodes. Especially mini ship and mini cube.

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