Geometry Dash All Vault, Vault Of Secrets Codes

This is a guide to get all of the codes.


1. robotop
2. spooky
3. neverending
4. gandalfpotter
5. lenny
6. blockbite
7. sparky
8. ahead
9. mule
10. [your name here]
11. put in these numbers in order. 8 16 30 32 46 84

Vault Of Sercets
Geometry Dash: The Vault of Secrets Codes
If you’re a fan of Geometry Dash, you’ll know that the long awaited 2.1 update was released for the Steam version, and with it came a whole load more secrets to unlock. So if you fancy some new icons, a few new colours, and even a secret level, read on to discover the secret codes for the Vault of Secrets (unlocked by having 50 diamonds)!

Brain power

Unlocks a new icon.


After entering this code, six number will flash on the screen. Write them all down, and do the following:

Number 2 – Number 1 = A

Number 3 – Number 2 = B

Number 4 – Number 3 = C

Number 5 – Number 4 = D

Number 6 – Number 5 = E

Now, write all those answers in a line, like this:


For example, if the answers you get are 21, 43, 54, 32, 65, you’d write:


Once you’ve done the maths and typed it all in, you’ll get a new icon.


Unlocks a new icon.

[The number of stars you have]

Unlocks a new icon.


Unlocks a new icon


Unlocks a new colour.


Unlocks a new colour.

The challenge

A new level costing 200 diamonds to unlock and play.

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