Gloomwood: All Cheat Codes

Here is a full list of all cheat codes in Gloomwood.


How to open a command prompt
Press the tilde ~ key

Cheat codes
ANTIALIASING – Set the anti-aliasing sample amount
BLOOM – Set the bloom setting
CHEATS – Toggle the cheats system
CLEAR – Clear the console log of all text
CROSSHAIR – Set whether the crosshair is shown
DIFFICULTY – Display or set the game difficulty
FOG – Set the fog rendering state
FOV – Set the field-of-view value
RAMERATE – Set the Framerate cap value
GHOST – Allows the player to noclip and not be targetable by enemies
GIVE – Gives values and items to the player
GOD – Set the invincibility state on Player
HELP – Display list of available commands or details about a Specific command
HUD – Enable and disable HUD elements
INFINITE – Set infinite quantities or values
LEVEL – Load a level by name
LIFE – Show or set the player life amount
LightFlares – Set the light Flare setting
LIST – List entities and values From the game asset database
LOADGAME – Manually loads the input save slot
NOCLIP – Allows the player to boundlessly Fly around the map
NOTARGET – Set the player as untargetable
PLACE – Allows the player to place entities such as developer markers
QUIT – Quit the current game
RESTART – Restart the current level
SAVEGAME – Manually saves the current game to input save slot
SPAWN – Spawn entities into the game world
TEXTUREFILTERING – Set the texture Filtering setting
THIEF – Removes Footstep noises and allows player to open any door without needing keys
TIMESCALE – Set the time scale value
TOOLTIPS – Enable and disable text tooltips
VERSION – Display the current game version

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