Heads Will Roll: Reforged – All Console Commands & How to Enable Cheat

Here is a cheat guide by editing the save files in Heads Will Roll: Reforged.

Note: To avoid problems, save the original parameters to yourself separately before changing files!


How to Enable Cheat

  1. Go to: “your game folder” > renpy > common.
  2. Open the file “00console.rpy” with any text editor.
  3. Find the line “config.console = False” and change “False” to “True” (“True” should be capitalised), save the changes.
  4. Open “00keymap.rpy” in the same section with any text editor.
  5. Change the line “console = ….” to “console = [‘`’]” and save the changes (the line “console = ….” is under the line “# Debug console.”).
  6. Next, you can open the console in the game using the tilde (“~”).
  7. Change the keyboard layout to English to start the console.


All Console Commands List

  • player_strength=?” – change strength.
  • player_agility=?” – change dexterity.
  • player_endurance=?” – change stamina.
  • player_coordination=?” – change coordination.
  • player_vitality=?” – change vitality.
  • player_health=?” – change health.
  • player_stamina=?” – energy change.
  • player_gold=?” – changing the amount of gold.
  • player_fatigue_pool=?” – change in fatigue.
  • time_left=?” – change the remaining time before the event.

*Instead of “?” specify a numeric parameter of your choice.

*To see all possible variables to edit enter: “long” and then “dir()”.

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