Heads Will Roll: Reforged – Hardcore Achievement Guide

> Guaranteed ‘Perfect Sync’ achievement guide.
(Granted, you’ll need a fairly high profile lvl to pull it off line-for-line, but the run has A LOT of downtime which a lower-lvl player can fill
with crafting and cash making.)

Currently working on the following runs:
> WIP ‘Solo’ achievement guide
> WIP profile lvl 0 run


Update Addendum

The most recent update patched out infinite wine purchases. I’ll update the sequence along with the image overhaul, later, but for now note that the flagrum is the 2nd most efficient option to alcohol. It’s a little more annoying switching back and forth to heal injuries, but oh well.


Perfect Sync Achievement Guide [formatting is WIP]


Forenote: You will be expected to manage your stamina effectively and with situational discretion. Also remember to ALWAYS drink with your mug, so as not to get brain damaged.

1. Start with the following items:
• Estoc
• Mail armour
• Fauld
• Buckler
• Repeating crossbow
• Drum mag
• Jambiya
• Shieldmaster ring
• Fencing dagger
• Knight’s Scabbard

2. Max out all stats
• However, only 7 talent points are necessary (doable with less).
• Virtue does not need to be increased. However, it is easier to lower than it is to raise, so I always start with high virtue. Reconsider, if you are still lacking in starter finances, due to heists and poison crafting.
3. Equip all items, except fauld; sheathe estoc.

4. Fill out sword tree as pictured.

5. Make the following purchases:
• Work gloves
• 4 alcohol
• Spear weapon
• All leather (craft waterskins/canteens)
• All kits/tools
• 6 Blunt bolts (heads + arrows), load them into drum. (can purchase more if you find a hunter’s quiver)
• Beer mug

6. [If high virtue start] scavenge for possible free crusader helmet.

7. Speak to Blacksmith, then undergo training in the following sequence:
• 3 blacksmith work, 1 craft (2 wine rest)
o Buy and upgrade your chest to its maximum capacity.
• 1 weapon skill, 1 craft (2 wine rest)
• 1 weapon skill (Use waterskins, then flasks, then gamble)
• TRAINING END: 13 weapon skill, 22 craftsmanship, no other stats changed.

8. Go with Bartholemew, knock out the guard. This gives us a backup meat shield later.

9. Spend any remaining time searching for blunt bolts and/or a quiver

10. FIGHT:
• Pre-sheathe the Estoc in your menu. Equip Shield Ring and Jambiya.
• Enter fight and assume defensive position
• Throw the spear to equip our Estoc.
• If throw hits, pierce chest for 100% kill.
• Shield Bash into neck stab to kill 2nd warrior.

11. Go with Earl and kill the enemy with two chest stabs (from defensive position) to secure the extra fatigue regen.
Chapter 1:
1. Purchase all alcohol in store, train (see below), then wait until De Lambert Estate is unlocked for infinite wine purchasing.

2. Training:
• 1 weapon skill, 1 wine, x4
• Use 2 wine
• Repeat until 35 weapon skill
o 35 weapon skill + Jambiya = 11 base dmg. Pierce to chest = 33 dmg + 4 bleed. Headshots = 50 (rounded up) + 4 bleed. Neck = 66 + (at least) 4 bleed.

3. Remember not to concern yourself with trivialities such as delivering water to thirsty soldiers. That is beneath you as a soon-to-be ‘perfect sync’ achiever.

4. Try not to be any more than 50% fatigued before the start of the fight.

5. For the Fight:
• Pray for our dear compatriot (we need the shield more than he does)
• 1st enemy: offensive stance + headshot.
• 2nd enemy: offensive stance + headshot.
• Stay a little behind for an aggro shield.
• 2 enemies: defensive stance + pierce head/neck x2.
• Don’t challenge the knight (small risk is still unnecessary risk).
• Retreat as soon as possible.
Chapter 2:
1. Train all stats (barring vigour/crafting) to max, then focus extra time into training crossbow.

2. Also search for a parrying dagger (obtained through Earl’s cunning plan or through shop RNG).

3. Avoid fighting any villagers, ignore any rude comments and Ruffin.

4. Save Bartholemew for that sweet, sweet aggro shield.

5. For the Fight:
• Enter with Jambayah, Fencing Dagger, Parrying Dagger
• Stay in reserve.
• Defensive stance, neck/head pierces.

• Shield Wall Fight: aimed shot to SW head (won’t be 100%):
1. neck stab anything it creates if you miss with the best and take piercing stabs at the shieldwall where possible.
2. Neck stab if you hit with the bolt, and then finish it off by instakilling anything it creates.
Chapter 3:
1. Purchase the sharp dagger (RNG in store)

2. Max out crafting skill (with bathhouse) and finish the blacksmith’s 1st request. Then, purchase the blacksmith hammer.

3. Combine a sallet (purchasable in store) with an aventail (purchase from blacksmith)

4. Combine mail armour (purchasable in store) with the fauld you started with.

5. Boost crossbow skill to 50 using bathhouses.

6. Boost agility first, then other stats using bathhouses

7. Ignore all the haters (Earl and co)

8. Ignore the French camp mission (sigma grind goes uninterrupted)

9. For the Fight:
• Equip fencing dagger, jambayah and sharp dagger.
o Headshots will now do well over 60 damage, so do not hesitate to headstab.
• Assume a defensive stance and stab at head/neck\
• Retreat as soon as possible.
Renes Strategy:
1. Olivia yaaaay. Simp all the way. Interact with her after each battle to ensure maximum rep gain.

2. Hire anyone with endurance/weapon skill OR strength + short sword (for shield bash)

3. Replace your buckler with a tower shield for maximum crossbow rng avoidance.

4. Southern Farm:
• If you have low soldier rep, purchase their love through money and/or wine.
• Equip your parrying dagger in place of your Jambayah. Pre-damaged enemies mean we can prioritise agility.
• Stealthily attack, using 100% armour pen pierce on damaged mercenaries. Even limb attacks hit for 32+bleed, so don’t be afraid of limb hits.
• Head/Neck pierce the last, healthy enemy.

5. For the 2nd Location:
• Re-equip Jambayah in place of parrying dagger.
• Defensive stance severely inhibits attack % in this area. Use repeating crossbow filled with blunt bolts to stun (attack head), before following up with a neck/head strike. Prioritise stun/attacks on crossbow wielding enemies.
• In leader fight, use the following combat sequence:
• Blunt bolt to the landsknecht’s skull followed by a neck stab.
• If bolt hits, rely on bleed to kill. If bolt is deflected, rely on 2nd stab to secure kill.
• 2nd enemy can be killed via offensive stance neck stab (if 100% chance), OR blunt bolt strategy.
• Don’t both with Yennefer for this run.
• Finish chapter by training all stats (excluding vitality), starting with agility. Rest using bathhouse.

1. Again, ensure 50 in crossbow skill for reliable headshots and for the (optional) final fight against Ruffin.

2. If virtue is still positive, purchase snake venom repeatedly from Yennefer to lower it through crafting.

3. Once satisfied with stats, await the upcoming assault.

4. For the Fight:
• Equip the parry dagger, fencing dagger, and shield ring.
• Defensive stance, 100% accuracy on head/neck stabs.
• Do not assist Dupont.
Renes 2 (Electric Boobaloo):
1. Date Olivia don’t mess with her room.

2. Ensure agility is fully trained. Other stats are optional at this point.

3. Once training is complete, equip the fencing dagger, sharp dagger, and Jambiya for maximum penetration and damage. Ensure your virtue is between <40 before final combat. Ensure crossbow is loaded with 2 blunt bolts and 4 poisoned winged bolts. Purchase a strong poison from Yennefer and poison your estoc, twice (optional: complete ‘lobbyist’ for stronger estoc poison. (NOTE: only one poison type can be applied at once).

4. For the Fight:
• Part 1:
• Focus crossbows first, attack head/neck (whichever is 100% from defensive stance).
• Finish last enemy from offensive stance.

• Part 2:
• Use the two blunt crossbow bolts to:
1. Stun the enemy via headshot and
2. Neck stab them, guaranteeing the kill.

5. CONGRATS! You’ve done it!

6. If you’d like to kill ruffin, ensure you have at least 4 winged bolts + 1 blunt bolt in the crossbow, and it is >26 repair.

7. Naturally, I would suggest hunting down this filth, to ensure our soon-to-be wife Olivia can girlboss in peace. Barrage to the head, gg ez.

8. Marry Olivia, settle down, and enjoy your new achievement 🙂


Solo Achievement Guide [quick writeup + vid demo]

In action:

Melee: 35+
Ranged ~50
Agility: Maxed
Strength: ~Maxed
Endurance: 15+ (higher the better)
Coordination: 15+ (higher the better)
Health: 50+ total HP (enough to survive a single, very heavy hit)

Estoc (sheathed), Warhammer, Buckler, Rotating Crossbow (6 blunt bolts)

7+ storage slots:
4 Blunt bolts, 3+ Waterskins

Shield Ring, Fencing Dagger, Sharp Dagger

Peripherals: Prioritise coverage (chainmail gloves, leggings, neckguard)
Chest piece: >30 Chest defence, >95 coverage (minimise stat loss if possible, though not required)
Helmet: ~20 Head defence (minimise stat loss)

CraftedLeather Sheath:
Selected to minimise stat loss, as two weapons are required for the strategy.

Note: It’s more than possible to do this entirely solo; however, that is not required for the achievement.
Select for strength/endurance team-mates to act as meat shields while you set up the fight.
(Upgrades are slightly helpful, though far from required.)

Damage Breakdowns:
Chest: 42 total (39 + bleed)
Head: 62 total (59 + bleed)
Neck: 81 total (78 + bleed)

35 skill = +5
Estoc = +5
Sharp Dagger = +3
Estoc + skill + Trinket = 13
D(amage) = 13
Pierce = (D*3) + bleed = (39+3) = 42
Head Modifier = (D*3)(1.5) + bleed = 58.5 +3 = 61.5 (game rounds up, so 62 total dmg)
Neck Modifier = (D*3)(2) + bleed = 78 + 3 = 81

0. Defensive stance. Do not leave this stance unless you can guarantee a kill.

1. Headshot Liftalot for 100% stun

2. Use limb-breaker attack on Liftalot
Repeat steps 1-2 until -weaponskill injury inflicted

Given Liftalot’s lack of shield, he is unable to pose any real threat to us. He will continue to fatigue to the point where, with proper stamina management, he will have ~0% chance to damage us. This is now a 1v1 gauntlet.

3. Gotta run, so basically: dont kill Liftalot, kill 2nd merc, recover stam till ~full, respite ’till empty, take 80%+ head/neck pierces, once the tougher guys arrive, use C-bow to stun enemy (100% head), reload where necessary (can shield bash fatigue 2nd merc to give safer opportunity), neck stab post-stun, etc. Use waterskin to recover from a stun.

4. Repeat until only Liftalot remains, then stab his arms until he dies. Cheers!

Lvl 0 Profile Challenge Run [Incomplete Strategy]

Suuuuper WIP

>start 5 craft

train 4 craft

visit medic, do NOT talk. Visit medic shop and purchase:
2 posionous plants,
alchemy tools

make poison and sell at trade shop
-if you see rabbit foot, buy! (persistent till you own one)
-if you see empty vial, purchase
-if you see playing dice, purchase
-always purchase snake poison when sighted – can be made immediately into poison or saved for x2 poision for higher profit margin

-sell alchemist tools, purchase sewing kit

-purchase 4 leather

-craft waterskin

-return to medic, purchase 1 medicine and alchemy tools again

-craft medicine, then add waterskin + medicine for potent medicine

sell potent medicine (hopefully x2) to trade store

purchase any posion ingredients/items mentioned above (including posionous plant, now). Fill remainder of inventory with cloth to make bandages. We will trade bandages/cloth to make profit whilst searching the inventories for items we’re after.

Once inventory has 1 or less slots remaining:
-gamble 5 times
-talk to blacksmith, accept mission
-work forge 3 times, speak to him again and purchase the chest for 30g.

Store all tools/crafting ingredients in here.

return to shop and buy all remaining leather/cloth. Store the 3 leftover leather in chest, if possible, craft the cloth into bandages for sale.

Now start purchasing boltheads + arrows and a fletcher’s kit to ensure we’re always trading time for some cash when we’re rerolling for the items we want.
from here, prioritise hunting sword, empty vial, rabbit foot, and beer mug. Sell dice to make room for one of these if need be.

when you have the mug and at least $100, purchase 2 wine. continue doing arrow stuff but make sure you have room for the wine. prioritise arrowheads over arrow bodies, space-wise.

drink twice (make sure you’re using the mug), then train strength 4 times.

continue arrow shenanigans while you buy the last 2 alcohol

train 3 agi and 1 more strength.

Do the tower quest and knock out the guard

go to the trader and continue arrow shenanigans while searching for any shield to purchase. However, once the green from the bar disappears, do not buy any more arrowheads.

If you are lucky enough to have time remaining AND have the rabbit paw, commit a small time heist (strength based).

If, after this, there is any time remaining, use it to gamble.

In your fight, you will be tired/exhausted. Thus, you are playing strictly defence.

Activate defensive stance and shield cower his first move. Attempt a shield bash the 2nd move, then recover. DO NOT LET YOUR STAMINA GO BELOW HALF. Recover as you need to and continue to shield bash where you can. If you manage to stun the opponent, switch to offensive stance and attack the enemy’s neck with your hardest hitting move (ofc I missed the 92% chance). Recover, recover, recover.

Once your shield is broken, just recover/feint at the enemy. You will more than likely buy enough time to survive the encounter. Needless to say, we are not going to be going with Earl.

if you have rabbit foot, immediately attempt a lvl 1 strength heist. Sell whatever you find.

Navigate de lambert however you wish, though note that the oath will be difficult to keep.

gamble 6 times, train craftsman 4 times. Repeat this oncemore (up to 18 crafting)

Next, we are going to rinse and repeat the medicine strategy, utilising herbs however, this time.

Sell the potent medicines. Purchase cloth: 7-14g profit on bandages, -3-22g profit on tournequets.

Aventails can be bought and combined with any helmet for guaranteed profit.

from now on, you can purchase infinite wine from de lambert once the main shop runs out. purchase 2 wine and use with your cup to reduce fatigue.

purchase 1 herb, poisoned plant and alcohol to give to bartholemew.

sell the gambeson he gives you, equip the rest.

while you are visiting the store for this level, keep an eye out for the prisoner’s chain. if you see it, buy it.

purchase a shortsword if you see it to provide to the medic ONCE YOU HAVE REACHED 15 PRESTIGE. (Once you reach 10, purchase the fancy shoes from french girl for an extra +5) Once you have 15+, speak to the medic and introduce yourself as a knight. Then pick the bottom option twice, before joking about eating her out (important for lowered injury healing cost) (Hang onto the shoes once you buy them).

(When Cecilia mentions stolen items, let the thief keep them, but make sure to try to help the soldier for max relation gain.)

(purchase reinforced leather armour whenever you see it.)

Now it’s training time. 4 into agility, then purchase and use 2 alcohol.

(volunteer to construct engines whenever it comes up)

Ok, still relying on the 2 alcohol buy whenever you need to reset fatigue, here’s how we’ll train:

get to 7 agi and 5 strength (w/out counting chain)

and get to 10 coordination.

If you haven’t put enough points into coordination for the french fight, so it’s once again going to be a matter of cowering first turn, then shield bashing/recovering your way to victory. The fight will end if you outlast the french, and with good stam management, this should be very possible.

upgrade your shield whenever you see something nice, selling the old one. Purchase a crossbow (light or better) and start keeping the bolts you create in the pouch. Purchase the spare crossbow rope from bartholemew. Pick up the old mace when you can. Trade up into the sergeant scabbard.

(accept the sergeant’s request for you to make ♥♥♥♥ for him so we dont lose rep for now.)

equip any scavenging gear you have and scavenge (deserted soldier is terrifying and will not hesitate to end your run. Make it ~4 or 5 rounds and you can retreat.

purchase a crossbow reloading tool if you can. finish crafting runs. purchase spare shield, then wine to be fresh for the next area. have at least 3 bolts. speak to sergeant if you saw the deserter to report him for $50.

I choose to use a spear and shield if possible, though a mace is also a good option, so I keep it sheathed. Replace the prisoner shackels with the butcher’s blade if it shows up in shop.

SPend the last of your time refreshing shop.

END FIGHTS – pray for our fellow man

cower 1st turn, then go for the shield stun. recover until you have ~3/4 stam before attempting a bash again. Offensive stance + high dmg attack whenever stunned and target neck/head (whichever is 100%). I didn’t manage to get the kill and had my arm muscles cut, which is awful moving forward. we’ll have to abandon any optional fights (not that we were prepared to take them on anyways).

2nd fight, stay behind. Cower, shield bash, try and drop their fatigue so you can line up w/ C-bow. Do not challenge the knight. If you aren’t yet injured, this might be possible, but avoid for safety. Retreat ASAP.

sell extra shields, weapons, items, etc. BUT, hang onto leather armour pieces
bit of inventory care required due to limited space now. Use leather bag from water mission for efficiency. Upgrade your stash if you have $300+

buy, sell cloth, etc.

Drink 2 alcohol, sink another 4 into crafting

upgrade weapon (eg., spear.) and buy low quality mail to mix with leather armour and give to blacksmith. then sell him an aventail mixed with a chapel helmet THAT YOU CRAFT. purchase the blacksmith hammer and use it for crafting henceforth.

Rinse and repeat for waterskins + meds and helmets + aventails

small time robery with rabbit foot + hammer + shackels or butcher knife.

we now have to go hard into training crossbow. wine + 2 training, rinse repeat until lvl 20-21

make sure to have your hammer equipped at all times (at least the hammer) so you can win the fist fighting tourney by strength x2

equip your scavenging items and scavenge.

knight chain is a lucky item due to being very valuable and also relatively useful in combat.

poision brings our econ back to 500 from 150. Was going to save some poision for later mission but chose not to.

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