Himno The Silent Melody: Controls & Settings

Here is a guide for the controls and settings in Himno – The Silent Melody.


Himno The Silent Melody Controls & Settings


  • Frames per Second (FPS): Adds an in-game FPS counter.
    Recommended: Off.
  • Movement Type: Controls how dashes function.
    Recommended: Experiment with it and decide which control method you find better.

    Default movement will have the dash always move towards the mouse.
    Original movement will use the dash control method from the original Himno (use WASD to control direction).
    Expect a future guide discussing the merits of original movement versus default movement.


  • Brightness: Controls the overall brightness of the game. Makes dark and light colors brighter.
    Recommended: Decrease this from 100% when playing in darker rooms to prevent eye strain.
  • Bloom Intensity: The bloom filter will make brighter colors appear to shine out and partially blur. Adds to ambiance, but can subtract from accessibility.

  • Rain Volume: Controls the volume of district ambiance.

  • Interact: Use the Interact key to go through doors, use workbenches, open chests, and pick up things you have placed down.

  • Lock Target: Locks your firing direction towards the enemy nearest to your cursor. Helpful against more powerful opponents while using Default control scheme. Can become an impediment if using the Grappling Hook.
  • Quick Stack: Lets you quickly move items to/from your inventory to/from a container or your hotbar. Drag your mouse over the items to move while holding down this button.

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