Himno The Silent Melody: Districts Guide

Here is a districts guide in Himno The Silent Melody. enjoy the game.


Himno The Silent Melody Districts Guide

To head into a district, walk over to the monument.

If you interact with the small thing in front of the monument, you can customize your district generation with a little menu. A fully unlocked menu is visible below.

Once you are done customizing, hold the interact key in front of the monument. You will hear a “charging” sound, and the bar will begin to move upwards.

Main Features

Inside of a district, you’ll enter through an empty gateway. If you ever find yourself stuck, remember that you can regenerate a district by interacting with the gateway again.

Once you reach the end, you’ll see a chest along with a few doorways.
These doorways may have a different look and color depending upon the corresponding biome they link to.
The item above them is the item that will appear in the “corruption” chest in the next district.
The red/green chest is the “corruption” chest itself.

There are also little gems that you can pick up throughout a level — one at a random* location, one at the end.

Open up your inventory after picking one up, and you’ll notice you already have two — you always enter every district with one. The first one will always be to the origin doorway, but the other two (if they exist) are in the order you pick them up.

Corruption Chests

Purifying Districts

Returning to Camp

At the moment there are 4 ways to return to camp:

Essence Gates

Return Potions
Return Pedestals
Fash Statue

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