Hobo Tough Life: How to Unlock Character

Guide on unlocking hobos for Hobo Tough Life. Tips and images included.


Pro Tip

You will be notified if you unlocked the character. A notification will pop up at the center of the screen. A sound cue will also be played.

All Hobos

Characters from left to right:

Common Hobo – Experienced Oldster – Smelly Jack – Lucky Luke

Experienced Oldster

Step 1:

To acquire this hobo first you must build a study. The recipe is below:

This is what the study looks like when it’s placed.

Step 2:

Next you must acquire 30 serious books. This part is very grindy. Here two of ways I gathered them quickly.

1: Stealing – Some npc’s walking around may carry serious books (Having a high steal level helps)

2: Satanic Shrine – The satanic shrine has a random chance of giving you serious books (Make sure to have plenty of healing items and packaged chicken)

3: Dumpster Diving Industrial Bins (Not recommended)

Step 3: Use the study to read 30 books. (Doesn’t have to be all at once)

Smelly Jack

This hobo’s by far the easiest to unlock.

Step 1: Sh*t yourself

Just spam food until you sh*t yourself. (Instantly spikes odor to 100% and stains clothing)

Step 2:

Wait/afk or do quests/favors while waiting for the 2 days to be up. (Should be around 60 min)
DO NOT use any wet wipes or soap. Your odor must stay above 90%.

+ You won’t be able to interact with most npc’s (except hobos), supermarkets, toilets, etc so make sure you have access to food and toilets. +

Lucky Luke

This hobo is easy to unlock as long as you’re prepared with plenty of food and energy drinks.

Step 1: Create Drinking Lounge

Here’s the recipe:

Here’s what it looks like:

Step 2: Preparation – Make sure to have an inventory of food, quality cigs, alcohol, and energy drinks.

– Have at least 2 days worth of energy drinks and food
– Have 3 quality cigs
– Enough alcohol to get your hobo to 100%.
– Make sure to use the toilet and sleep to 100 beforehand
– Get stats to a good amount (food and morale – 100%)

++ DO NOT use coffee as it lowers the alcohol level ++

Step 3:

Spam the alcohol until alcohol level says 100% then sit on the drinking lounge.

Step 4:

Leave the game open and go do something else (watch youtube/play another game/etc) checking up once in a while to manage stats.

If your hobo needs something (example: hungry) get off the lounge and eat/drink then get back on. DO NOT use the toilet you won’t have enough time just let your hobo sh*t himself.

Food – Hunger
Cigs – Morale
Energy Drink – Stamina

Remember that you have to stay on the chair for 2 whole days. (60 min in real life)

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