Horizon Odyssey: Collectables Guide (All Orbs and Paradox Miasmas)

This guide is a brief overview of where all the Orbs and Paradox Miasmas are. It’s not comprehensive, but it’ll be a good starting place to try to find most or all of the main collectables.
Liberator Orbs
1. Hermit’s house
2. Hovia monument
3. Hovia herb story quest
4. Vase in Mary’s cell
5. Meeting Scarlet in Crescho
6. ” ”
7. Hovia Cave Room bookshelf
8. Tanek grave
9. Offering church plate in Prejuvia
10. Saint statue in crater cave
11. Book to scientist in Prejuvia
12. ” ”
13. Salanthronos gift
14. ” ”
15. ” ”
16. Talti gravestone
17. Pid’s pot in Talti Mine
18. Miameric forest near hideout path
19. Destroyed Saulek
20. Crescho new building in one of the 4 chests
21. Prejuvia castle basement in one of the 6 chests
22. Hovia Institute “4” room chest
23. Hovia Institute final fight
24. ” ”
25. Hovia Institute top floor secret chest on table

Determination Orbs
1. Cave to Pro’Gruhl
2. North area of Hovia Prison in chest
3. Meeting Scarlet in Crescho
4. Hovia Cave Room on the statue
5. ” ”
6. Hovia Cave Room bookshelf
7. Hovia Cave chest
8. Juticht chest
9. Secret solution to Miameric Forest crystal/water switch puzzle in chest
10. Karsia Castle skeleton
11. Deserted desert city pot near Talti
12. Talti throne room chest
13. Saulek cave in box
14. Ice Cave in chest
15. Lava cave from Crater Cave exit
16. Fort Grant cave pot
17. Crescho new building in plant pot
18. 4th floor tower in west Karsia
19. Top floor tower in west Karsia chest
20. Water puzzle Hovia Mansion
21. Broken wall of Prejuvia at the war zone
22. Hovia Institute final fight
23. ” ”
24. Winter town house in pot
25. Left residence of Vordenstople

Freedom Orbs
1. Pot Hovia Harbour cave
2. River in Crescho
3. Hovia Cave chest
4. Hovia Cave: Rock onto secret spot
5. Hovia Cave Room bookshelf
6. Crescho Harbour cave in bookshelf
7. Cho woman
8. Restless Grove pot
9. Crescho ruins chess room
10. Lone island ruins pot
11. Prejuvia by dead tree
12. Prejuvia Ledge Vault onto counter
13. Miameric Forest statue in secret area across light bridge
14. Hide ‘n Seek prize
15. Mine cart Talti mine box
16. East Karsia mine on ledge
17. Man in Under Hovia town
18. Talti notes finale
19. ” ”
20. Secret room Hovia mansion chest
21. Hovia Institute final fight
22. ” ”
23. Vordenstople towers extra solution chest
24. Final room
25. Book of Allos reward

Passion Orbs
1. St Ange statue in cave to surface
2. Hovia Cave Room bookshelf
3. Hovia Institute outside
4. Lone island ruins outside
5. Prejuvia barrel
6. Prejuvia Left locked area in box
7. Crater cave sub cave well
8. Locked Harbour house south of Prejuvia
9. East Karsia ruined town in pot
10. Cat in Karsia east ruins
11. Barrel in Talti house
12. Ice Cave in pot
13. Destroyed mech area in chest
14. Hidden isle pot
15. Complete top floor in the west Karsia tower
16. Cat statue crater cave area
17. Obtained from Scarlet when she joins you the 2nd time
18. ” ”
19. ” ”
20. Water puzzle Hovia mansion
21. Right room of Prejuvia castle in pot
22. Hovia Institute wardrobe in Jasper’s house
23. Hovia Institute final fight
24. ” ”
25. Vordenstople palace in the study with a crystal puzzle in a box

Paradox Miasmas
1. Krantz’s house
2. Cave to Pro’Gruhl
3. Wood box in the cave cave to surface
4. North of Hovia house upstairs in box
5. Hovia red house upstairs in box
6. Chest in Hovia Cave
7. Hovia Cave Saint Room in water
8. Crescho harbour cave in well
9. Cho barrel
10. Restless Grove barrel
11. Dragon statute in restless grove
12. Talik’s camp outhouse
13. Crescho Ruins wall hole
14. Crescho Ruins pot
15. Crescho Ruins chess room
16. Crescho Ruins chess room 2
17. Crescho in barrel
18. Crescho soldier outpost pot
19. Hovia Institute outside
20. Lone island ruins outside
21. Lone island ruins inside pot
22. Juticht drawer in house
23. Stones of Vaquishing in Tanek
24. Tanek cat
25. Well in Nihthal
26. House bunk bed in Nithal
27. Prejuvia pot outside
28. Museum Prejuvia man
29. Box in locked Prejuvia right room
30. Prejuvia Left locked area box
31. Crater Cave broken pot
32. Prejuvia science center pot
33. Locked house Prejuvia Harbour in pot
34. Miameric Forest pot in secret area across the light brdige
35. East Karsia town ruins in pot
36. Karsia Castle in a pot of a room where this is a lone man
37. Karsia castle debris pile
38. Prejuvia Castle outside on ledge by river
39. Prejuvia Castle throne room in plant pot
40. Swindler in Prejuvia 10,000 box.
41. Corrupted Land map on purple thing
42. Deserted desert city pot
43. Pot in well of Talti
44. Talti pot by oasis
45. House in Talti mouse hole
46. Talti Mine minecart area in hole
47. Talti Mine hideout building cracked wall
48. East Karsia Ancient Mine hole
49. Pirate room in Hovia Prison
50. Locked prison room with green person
51. Hovia Prison cell with caped man
52. Hovia Prison cell where cop used to be
53. Hovia Prison lap running
54. Under Hovia chest
55. Under Hovia house in fireplace
56. Talti notes reward on bookshelf
57. Talti Palace courtyard chest on wall
58. Miameric Forest near hideout path
59. Miameric Forest near hideout path 2
60. Saulek Cave chest
61. Ice Cave pot
62. Ice Cave pot
63. Crystal cave from Crater Cave obelisk path in pot
64. Lava cave from Crater Cave obelisk path in pot
65. Destroyed mech area on crystal
66. Fort Grant cave pot
67. Hidden Isle pot
68. Fort Grant book about the Ooze Hermit
69. Crescho new building in the room with 4 chests
70. Pro’Gruhl mayor chest
71. Tower in west Karsia outside in pot
72. 3rd floor Karsia tower in bucket
73. 4th floor Karsia tower in pot
74. 5th floor Karsia tower in pot
75. Top floor Karsia tower hidden room chest
76. Delvoln ruins pot
77. East Karsia tower floor 1 in chest
78. East Karsia tower top floor in chest
79. Entrance of Hovia Mansion
80. Water puzzle in Hovia Mansion
81. Secret area in chest of Hovia Mansion
82. Prejuvia Castle basement in the area with 6 chests
83. Hovia Institute tapestry in main building
84. Hovia Institute ABC side room in pot
85. Hovia Institute “4” room in pot
86. Hovia Institute Maze
87. Hovia Institute Holv parents house in pot
88. Hovia Institute white room in chest
89. Hovia Institute pushing crystals puzzle room locked side room in the dark spot on the floor
90. Solrance Dome in pot
91. Pyramid pot
92. Winter town house in bin
93. World Map blown up area near Vordenstople
94. Vordenstople Palace 3rd crystal puzzle chest
95. Vordenstople Palace secret chest in hall
96. Chest in the passage to surface
97. Karsia Castle ruins top left hole in the wall
98. Hovia Harbour locked chest
99. Miameric Forest flower

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