Icarus: 150 Credits + 60 Exotics Per 12 min

A small guide to getting 150 Credits and 15-60 Exotics in about 10-12 min.


Preparing and choosing a route


Note 2: English is not my first language, if there are mistakes and poorly worded sentences, I apologize. 😉

We will need the mission “DEEP VEIN: EXTRACTION”

To complete this quest as quickly as possible, you must have at least the first pickaxe (MXC PICKAXE) from the Workshop, and as a maximum – speed modules (preferably two), Envirosuit with two module slots, Carbon Armor Set, Container of water (water is usually sufficient from berries and watermelons, and you can also drink in the cave where we are going), talents for movement speed, movement speed with a knife or bows or spears, maximum stamina, stamina regeneration, mining radius and attack speed with pickaxes.

Choosing a route

No matter which route you choose, they are about the same time, the only thing on the bottom route (green) more often appear polar bears in tight places and if you do not have Carbon Armor Set you will start to freeze slowly, but it is not critical. On the top route (yellow) there are places where you can unluckily fall and break your legs, be careful.

The blue route is optional, if you don’t particularly need exotics you can skip it, either way you get about 13-31 exotics in the quest cave (red triangle on the map).

The way to the cave

  • As you disembark from the shuttle, immediately run along the route of your choice and along the way gather enough Oxite (~15) to replenish your oxygen, berries (~6) and watermelons (~6) to increase your stamina.
  • On the route be careful, there are often wolves, bears, there will be 1-3 worms in the cave, as well as places where you can break your legs from falling.
  • Before you get all the exotics in the cave, other exotics will not appear in other places.
  • The cave usually has one place with exotics, very rarely two, the cave itself can be either open or closed.

Instant Return to the Shuttle

After reaching the cave and extracting all the exotics you will complete the main mission, and here you have two ways, follow the blue route and get more exotics or go straight back to the shuttle.

If you do not need more exotics, WHILE IN THE CAVE press ESC > UNSTUCK > YES, then you will be teleported directly to the shuttle, wait for the world to load and exit the shuttle, load the exotics into the cargo bay and wait for the mission to complete, then you can take off.


If you’re here for the exotic, then follow the blue route to the purple marker, there will be a crack in which there is exotic…

…crawl out from either side and go on to the blue marker, there are more exotics on top of the ice…

…roll down and run to the orange marker, there is a recess in which there is another exotic, and also in this place you can teleport directly to the shuttle, being in the place where you mining the last exotic, press ESC > UNSTUCK > YES, then you will be teleported directly to the shuttle, wait until the world loads and exit it, load the exotic into the cargo bay and wait for the mission to complete, then you can take off.

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  1. Put the settings to hard and no respawn, this way you get 300 credits.
    YOu don’t have to run back. simply deep in a cave press “Esc” then “unstuck”. It will teleport you to the nearest point, but it’s out of bounds, therefor it will automaticly teleport you to the droppod!
    This whole run can be done in as little as 9 minutes!
    easy cash and exotics!

    • Or make a ladder up in the air. about 8 should do. they don’t brake. on top of the ladder do the same, press “Esc” and then “unstcuk”. it will again go out of bounds, and teleport you back to your droppd.

      This is a easy way to also get ores! it’s only a 1 way route need to take and then teleport back with all the materials even OVERCUMBERED!! SO overcombure a lot 🙂

  2. lol i now red you alrdy wrote the teleport thingy hahaha. try the ladder. With this you can clip thruw walls.
    Put the ladder on a rockmountain where you can only see the tip of the bottom poles of the ladder, nothing more. If the wall if angled enough you clip thruw it by pointing at the ladder and “f “action. it teleports you to a fixed location on the ladder. even if this place is on the other side of the wall.
    If you jump of the laddr you will be pushed back in bounds by the game. but if you go on top of the ladder and make a new ladder or structure you can pop to that and so make your way thruw any place you desire, and/or make drastic shortcuts for your mission, not having to go all around the mountain every time.

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