Icarus: Leveling Guide for Early mid and Late Game

This is guide Explains the best methods I’ve found for leveling.


How to level fast.
I’ve been playing for about a week I’ve hit Level 41 and could be a lot higher if i thought it was needed. Killing and skinning predators is by far the fastest way to level. That said its tough to start out is slow start buy getting basic tools. Chopping wood is the fastest I think to hit level 5. Make sure to save some points for the next part. At level 5 Get the bone knife, sickle and arrow. Kill a few Animals whatever works and make the bone sickle. Now with the extra points get Cloth armor. The cloth chest piece gives 300 xp per craft and is 120 fiber. Use the sickle to get all the fiber you can then start crafting to 10 or 15 whenever to feel that its to slow. Next unlock the desert mission. The desert is the best place to find lots of animals easy. Get a stack of bone or stone arrows and a longbow. And kill and skin everything except the elephants they just take to many arrows. At lvl 40 i can get a lvl in 10 mins so just do this till your bored or satisfied with your level.

What to get with your points.
Green is needed or really Good. Yellow is up to you. Red Is bad or useless. I’ve only gone up to what I’ve used or built.

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