Insurgency Sandstorm: How to Get Hard Achievements Easily

Some quick tips for some of the harder achievements. Note that achievements must be earned on public servers, co-op or pvp. Local play does not count.


Easily get “Road Hazard”

Originally posted by Insurgency Sandstorm:

Destroy an enemy vehicle with a mine

  1. Play co-op checkpoint security summit
  2. Equip at least 2 landmines
  3. At final objective H a truck will spawn down the street
    (see reference image below)
  4. You must plant a mine in each lane at the corner of the street before the truck spawns
    (Truck will spawn shortly after Objective H is taken)
  5. Return to H to defend and once the truck spawns it will trigger the mines as it travels to the objective

You should get the achievement the moment the truck explodes.

This should be the easiest map to farm this achievement because it’s the only time you can plant mines before the truck enters line-of-sight of the objective or your team, meaning nobody should be able to blow it up before your mines catch it. If it spawns it has a 100% chance of hitting the mines.

Easily get “It`s All in the Reflexes”

Originally posted by Insurgency Sandstorm:

Kill an enemy with an enemy’s live grenade

Currently you can use any live grenade, including your own, to get this achievement

  1. Play checkpoint co-op any map
  2. Equip fragmentation grenades
  3. Find enemy bot
  4. Throw grenade at the ground near you
  5. Pick up your grenade with the interaction key (default “F”)
  6. Hold “F” to hold the grenade, aim, release to throw at bot

Unlocks when bot is successfully fragged by a picked-up nade

Easily get “Wallbanger” and “Knock Knock” at the same time

Originally posted by Insurgency Sandstorm:

Kill an enemy by shooting through something
Kill an enemy by bashing in a door

  1. Play any co-op map and wait to defend a position
  2. Camp by a closed door (but not within the door’s range of motion)
  3. Wait for enemy attack wave
  4. Bait an enemy to your door with taunts or shooting the door
  5. When enemy is heard or seen on other side of door, shoot to kill through the door for ‘Wallbanger’
  6. When 2nd enemy is heard or seen on other side of door, melee the door to kick it down and kill the enemy for “Knock Knock”
Easiest way to get “J.R. 50”

Originally posted by Insurgency Sandstorm:

Kill an enemy driver with the mounted weapon of their vehicle

If you farm this I recommend you either do it on a private server with a friend (see Robomikel’s guide on how to set up a server quick) or ask your co-op team to standby while you cap A solo and steal the truck for an achievement. (You could mention that if the truck sees anyone before you get it, the achievement fails)

  1. Play co-op Checkpoint Security on Refinery
  2. Equip gas mask, a silenced primary and as much smoke grenades/launcher ammo as possible
  3. Capture “A” and trigger a DEFEND
  4. Hide in corner by supply crate and wait for truck to approach
  5. Smoke out Objective A and carefully cling to the left wall and clear enemies
    NOTE: If you shoot a gun, stand or run within ~10 meters of the truck you will be detected by the driver and he will leave the vehicle, spoiling any chance of obtaining the achievement. You must silently clear the site of everyone but the driver.
  6. Once the site is clear, approach the truck while crouched and man the .50, kill the driver quickly and do not miss as he will leave the vehicle instantly

The achievement unlocks the moment you kill the driver.

See GIGA’s guide about this, he includes a video

The only other way you can realistically farm this achievement is in PVP Push mode. You could ask the enemy to help you with the achievement, you could offer to return the favor after your respawn. Players may still kill you/your ally/your truck though, beware.


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