Into the Pit: Chambers and Motes Guide

Here is a guide about chambers and motes in Into the Pit.


Into the Pit: Chambers and Motes Guide

Most chambers are simply a means to collect a specific kind of mote. Each mote serves a different purpose either inside or outside of The Pit. Standard chambers will contain a number of motes, identified as glowing orbs projecting a beam of light from the top. Note: you will be notified when you’ve collected every mote in the chamber, so try not to miss any!

Here’s a list of the motes you will find in standard chambers:

  • Wealth: used to purchase upgrades from the Rune Carver and the Key MakerKept on exit
  • Insight: used to purchase upgrades from The Enchanter. Insight chambers are rare, but you can also gain these motes from treasure chests (e.g. after defeating a boss). Kept on exit
  • Fire: used to purchase upgrades from the Key MakerKept on exit
  • Renewal: used to re-roll your upgrade choices after activating an Altar. Lost on exit
  • Luck: increases the likelihood of better upgrade choices after activating an altar. Lost on exit
  • Blood: used to Cheat Death and resurrect when killed. You need 10 motes at first, but the number increases every time you die. You can’t carry more than you need to Cheat Death. Lost on exit


Other Chambers

There are a few special chambers that aren’t just dedicated to gathering specific motes.

  • Chamber of Healing: contains a pool which will restore some of your health. (Default: 50?)
  • Chamber of the Lost: contains a villager for you to rescue.
  • Candle icon… reflection?: contains a treasure chest and a story fragment.


Twists and Surprises

Chambers are typically pretty basic and to-the-point, but there are a couple of things that might spice up your trip.

Traps and Hazards
There are a few traps you might come across in chambers, seemingly more often when you combine keys or descend to lower levels.
I intend to include screenshots and/or GIFs so you can identify them

  • Spike Trap: if you don’t stop running, you can make it across before it activates
  • Explosive Floor Trap: I’m not sure if you can run across this one or not
  • Glowing Tentacles Trap: I think you need to jump this one
  • Acid Trap: I’m pretty sure you do need to jump this one
  • Acid Lake: Some chambers have a mixture of solid ground and water. The water is acid, so try not to fall in it!
  • Shield Generators: Some chambers will have blue crystals inside which will grant shields to all surrounding monsters, increasing their resistance. Destroying the crystal gets rid of the shields.
  • Forcefield Doors: Some doorways will be blocked off by a purple forcefield which must be deactivated before you can pass through it. These may be deactivated in normal chambers by stepping on glowing purple pads (usually with line of sight). On boss arenas, they may only be deactivated by defeating the boss.
  • Hidden Enemies: If you see a keystone with no enemies in sight, that is likely because they’re about to teleport in. If you see a keystone in a big, empty arena, expect a big fight (and a forcefield preventing your exit).

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