Kynseed: All Maps for V1.0

(Updated for 1.0) Having trouble finding those mapstones? Are you constantly forgetting where the mines for that one ore are? Look no farther than right under your nose, for I hath compiled this guide for all your map related queries!

Beware: There may be spoilers ahead!


Chapter 1: Vale

Willowdown Farm

The yellow locked mine connects to mosswhisper ruin and crumblechalk mine, the key required was eaten by truffles the pig.

Dreamers Nook

Druidas Cross

Candlewych Village

The mines at the top are locked until you start a quest with the blacksmith in the tutorial. It connects to the burial grounds and cowpat farm.

The shops here cost 500 brass; the perfect location to start your burgeoning enterprise!

Candlewych West

Festival Green

The pig market and pig races are held here. You can buy Cabbage, Carrot, and Wheat seeds during the goods market.

Burial Grounds

The top mine door connects to candlewych village and cowpat farm.

North Gate

This yellow locked mine has 3 tin nodes and connects to cuckoo wood.

Candlewych Cottage

Testy Acres

Mosswhisper Ruin

Cuckoo Wood

This mine connects to the north gate.

Cowpat Farm

The mine connects to candlewych village and the burial grounds.

Crumblechalk Mine

The red locked mine has 2 tin nodes and is a dead end. The yellow locked mine connects to mosswhisper ruins. The middle door above the pond is locked and needs Worzel’s key. (I have not gotten the key yet)

Chapter 2: Summerdown


While technically not a part of Summerdown, the game classifies this map as if it were, plus it’s the first map outside of Vale which is why I went ahead and put it in this section.


The forgotten hole has 4 copper nodes and a little sap. The middle north doorway has a single room with a locked chest. The path to the Shoe is in the upper right corner through the mine door, there are also copper(?) nodes inside.

Poppy Hill

The north doorway has 4 copper nodes.

The shops here cost 750 brass.


The doorway has a single room with lore inside.

This is where you can get married once you have all that you need.


The chicken market and chicken races are held here. You can buy various seeds and baked goods during the goods market.

Naida’s Glory


The Shoe

Chapter 3: Mellowfields

Cunning Plots

The mine door at the north leads to Outlane, I don’t know why but the map tag doesn’t update. There are 9 zinc nodes inside.


The doorway at the far north leads to a single room with nothing in it. (might have had lore/proverb, i dont remember)

The doorway directly above the fae rootway has 2 copper nodes and a deep mines door.

The shops here cost 2000 brass; a mighty goal for one so little.


The sheep market and sheep races are held here. You can buy Radish, Pumpkin, and Sunflower seeds during the goods market. (maybe also lettuce?? i cant remember where i got lettuce seeds from…)

Twanging Gardens

You can plant out-of-season crops in the greenhouses on the far right at the top of the hill. The lower greenhouse has 15 plots, while the upper one has 12.

Freyl’s Fields


The mine door in the top right corner leads to Cunning Plots and has 9 zinc nodes inside.

The Dancers


I’m tacking these on here as the game classifies them as mellowfields and I simply didn’t want a section with just two maps that made the guide feel disjointed. It’s also the order I decided to take the screenshots in so it kind of made sense.


The second mapstone is inside the Underwood Grotto, the entrance is where my character is standing.

The Circle

Chapter 4: Woemarsh

Exploring this area was a pain in my toosh, if I didn’t get lucky with heavy rain I would wander around for a whole day in thick fog, eventually getting dark and making it even harder to see even with the lantern.

The Shingles

Probably the only area that is not covered in thick fog.

The Ferrous Footway leads to the far right side of Copperpot, and has 5(?) iron nodes inside.




There is a merchant on the left over the bridge that can change the color of your clothes for the price of dandelions.


This one was an absolute horror to traverse. The bridges are hidden behind the trees, you can get on them by going all the way to the top of the map and follow the light green path past the candles, walk directly towards the fae doorway.

Chapter 5: Fae Realm


There are no mapstones in Briar, and nothing else to do there other than visit with Mr. Fairweather.

Tir Na Nog

You need the lens with three circles on it to enter, to get it you must first meet with the Grandmasters.

There is a mine with 4 luminium nodes at the top center. In the center below the flower pond is a fae shop, left and directly bellow that is the tinker’s shop. To the far right is a popping pig game. To the left at the top is a fountain that gives you cleansing water. At the far left is a tree that gives yum juice. In the bottom right is a purple fae creature that can be milked.


You need the lens that can be bought for 2000 brass from the fae shop in Tir Na Nog to access this realm.
[[I don’t have access to this location yet]]

By StaempunkdNinja

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