MannaRites: Endless Arena mode guide

Description of the features of the game mode and tips.



In the Endless Arena mode, when Weaver appears in the hideout, to go to the battles you need to take all the equipment — a random weapon / potion / armor.

Endless Arena mode is an endless series of rounds which are continuously numbered, but has a cycle of 30 rounds. Each round has randomly selected types of enemies (and their amount too, up to 4) and as they pass will come out in order of increasing strength, i.e. in the first rounds in the cycle, simpler enemies (slaves) will appear, and by the 30th round, selection will be carried out from of high rank enemies (for example, setrem mages/knights etc). For example, the rotation of enemies from round 31 will also start from slaves and complicated until round 60, while with each subsequent cycle, they will receive an additional health and damage. The amplification factor for enemies is indicated on their portrait, so, for example, an enemy with a level 2 will have 200 health point in one health bar instead of 100, and with a level 3 – 300 health point respectievly, etc.

Every third round is key, at the end of which a random item is given, and after which the potion is restored (if used).
don’t forget to replenish your health with a potion at least every third round! In the next round, after receiving the reward, the potion will be restored.

Upon winning every 30th round, the player gains 4 Dar’Pillak ability points (one for each category, see below), however, all skills in the character’s class skilltree will be reset.
Also, after every 30th round, the player will be credited with coins, for which he can get new equipment by choosing its type. If there is no need for new items, then you should select the “Leave” line to proceed to the next cycle of Endless Arena.

a) with each transition to a new cycle, it is recommended to update equipment, in particular weapons and armor, in view of the fact that armor class, for example, II, will increase the number of character health points to 200 in one health bar, which is similar to the amplification factor for enemies;
b) when agreeing to receive an item of equipment, it is highly recommended to replace the item used, because in Endless Arena there is no possibility of choosing equipment from slots, and for replacing an old thing you will receive additional coins.

If you lose in Endless Arena, your results will be compared with those of other players in MannaRites, and the top 10 players will be displayed in the leaderboard corresponding to the selected difficulty of the game.
in order for your round progress to be analyzed by the system and get into the leaderboard, you must be defeated in Endless Arena! If you leave the arena through the menu, the progress for the current game session will not be counted!

for each difficulty of the game, a separate table of records is kept, as well as for multiplayer sessions, i.e. there are six leaderboards for Endless Arena mode.

Dar’Pillak skills

In Endless Arena mode the player will also have access to an additional Dar’Pillak skilltree!
It is divided into 4 skill columns: magic; weapons; battle moves and defence. The skills of Dar’Pillak’s tree have 6 levels and are aimed at passive strengthening of the character, with the exception of two active skills from the magic skills column — “Dar’Pillak storm” and “Obsession”.
each time the endless arena starts, the player has 8 points, which can be used at two points per skill column.

…..1.1) Dar’Pillak energy — increases accumulation rate of Dar’Pillak energy [1 rank — +15% to energy accumulation];
…..1.2) Dar’Pillak storm — press attack+block buttons while jumping to unleash powerful lightning. Half of Dar’Pillak bar is required [1 rank — 2 lightning shota];
…..1.3) Possess — press attack+block buttons while running to possess an enemy in front of you. Half of Dar’Pillak bar is required [1 rank — possess active 28 seconds].

…..2.1) Weapon mastery 1 (for swords/boomerang/short bow/staff) — increases damage with some weapons [1 rank — bonus damage +3%];
…..2.2) Weapon mastery 2 (for axe/sabre/long bow/wand) — increases damage with some weapons [1 rank — bonus damage +3%];
…..2.3) Weapon mastery 3 (for mace/dagger/blade bow/amulet & book) — increases damage with some weapons [1 rank — bonus damage +3%].
only the second Dar’Pillak’s skill column (weapons) depends on the selected hero.

…..3.1) Finisher mastery — increases damage of finishing move [1 rank — bonus damage +4%];
…..3.2) Jumpstrike mastery — increases damage of jump strikes [1 rank — bonus damage +3%];
…..3.3) Special move mastery — increases damage of your character’s signature attack [1 rank — bonus damage +3%].

…..4.1) Magical barrier — adds passive chance to block any incoming attack [1 rank = +3% chance to passive block];
…..4.2) Block magic — decreases all magic damage by percent [1 rank = -9% incoming magic damage];
…..4.3) Block arrows — decreases all arrows damage by percent [1 rank = -9% incoming arrows damage].

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