MicroWorks: The Duck Easter Egg and Where to Find Them

So nerd, you want to find all the ducks in MicroWorks? Here is your guide. Find them all and you get some sort of awesome reward. This is a spoilery guide, ofc.
Duck 1

This duck is probably the easiest to find. because it’s been in the game since launch (i think)

Duck 2

the second duck can be found in Kai with a Flag

Duck 3

the third duck can be found in Circuitfreezer. It’s by the cabin with a snowman, close to the gate and campfire.

Duck 4

the fourth duck can be found in Dodgeball. It’s behind the lockers in one end of the map.

Duck 5
The fifth duck can be found in Ghost Hunt

Duck 6
the absolute worst one and the absolute hardest one that i hated the most, the sixth and final duck, which can be found in Pathfinder.

just follow this map and try to have fun, somehow~!

The Reward
Now that you’ve collected all ducks, you should have received the following two lil notifications:

as the texts suggests, you’ve now unlocked a special duck themed skin and aura. Go ahead and show it off! You’ve (maybe) earned it.

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