MONSTER HUNTER RISE: Runner’s Sandals Achievement Guide

A simple List to Help You with the Runner’s Sandals Achievement



In order to get this award / achievement, you have to speak with every interactable NPC in Monster Hunter Rise once. While it is a rather easy achievement, especially for lore lovers, it can be “tricky” with some NPC behaviours which make it unclear whether they are interactable, and if so when, and which do matter for the award.

Not with all can be interacted all the time, and unless you have a good grasp of the village you can easily miss one or two for the award. In this guide you have a simple list and some hints about some very “tricky” ones.

Village Entrance

1. Umbrella Merchant Hinami
Can be found almost every time at the village’s entrance at her stall.
The majority of players only take note of her once when she is giving out a side quest.

2. Rice Merchant Suzukari
Unless she and Hinami are chatting together, she is usually in front of her shop together with her husband. Some times she also wanders off to pay Kajika a visit.

3. Rice Merchant Senari
Suzukari‘s husband who can be also found working at their shop. Sometimes he is taking a break inside the house with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace.

4. Zenchi the Doctor
Unless there is a market sale, Zenchi loves to sleep on the house’s roof across the rice merchants’ shop.

Important Hint

Yes, interactable Palicoes and Palamutes count towards the award!
Funny that a lot of players do ignore them, for them being animals. But they belong as much to the Kamura Village family as anyone else!

5. Canyne Master Inukai
Always on standby with his trusted Palamute near Kagero‘s market stall.

6. Goka the Trusty
Always at the side of their trusted master Inukai.

Steelworks (Village Market and Center)

7. Fugen the Elder
At the center of the village you find the Steelworks. In front of it stands the leader of Kamura VillageFugen.

8. Homura the Loyal
Next to Fugen you find his loyal Palamute companion Homura.

9. Senri the Mailman
At the stairs towards the Steelworks you find Senri, who is standing on a red box supposingly full of mails.

10. Hinoa the Quest Maiden
Hinoa can be found at the street corner at the village center. She seems to make toys if she is not busy enjoying her beloved dango.

11. Kagero the Merchant
The mysterious Kagero can always be found in front of his stall. Did you know that all items on display can be acquired for your house? You need luck at the market’s lottery, though!

12. Hamon the Blacksmith
Hamon is always diligently working right at the smithy’s stall. He still take breaks to make sure your order for new weapons and armours is well received.

13. Buddy Smithy Kisaki
Equally diligent working is Kisaki, who offers no less quality for weapons and armours for your buddies.

14. Mihaba the Apprentice
In the meanwhile Mihaba is taking care of the sales of the smithy. He has a crush on Hinoa

15. Wakana the Greengrocer
Across the street from Mihaba stands Wakana at her vegetable stand.

16. Rice Ball Artist Seihaku
Next to Wakana Seihaku offers tasty onigiri. One of display reminds me of a Palico face. He clearly has a crush on Komitsu

17. Kajika the Fishmonger
Kajika loves to present their big thuna catches. When they are not in front of their stand, they can be found using the bathtub next to your house.

18. Senior Hunter Hanenaga
Hanenaga provides you throughout the game with several side quests and grants you Great Wirebugs, which you can place and settle them at Jewel Lilies during your hunts. He is normally close to the bridge which leads to the Buddy Plaza, unless he is chatting with Mihaba.

Gathering Hub Entrance (Tea Shop)

19. Komitsu the Sweettooth
On your way to the Gathering Hub you pass by at Komitsu‘s candied apple stand. She also likes to eat dango together with Hinoa. Sometimes Seihaku gathers enough bravery to sit next to them, enjoying dango together.

20. Ikari the Sailor
He usually carries bale of charcoal from the docks to the storage next to the Steelworks. He often takes a break in front of the dango pounding. When he is not at the storage he can be often found resting at Yomogi‘s with a cup of tea. Hard worker deserves their hard earned rest (and dango!).

21. Tsuriki the Sailor
Same like IkariTsuriki has his designated route from the docks to the storage. With them going always in one way, I assume they take a different route back to the docks.

22. Shiika the Poet
Shiika can be found almost every time at a bench in front of the tea shop, below the canopy of a wonderful sakura tree. She is working hard(ly?) at her poems (with questionable quality).

23. Novice Hunter Taishi
Taishi is yet to be a hunter but emulate as good as he can his mentor Utsushi. I wonder if its a good thing, though…

24. Yomogi the Chef
Adopted and beloved child of Kamura Village! Her origin is a mystery – as for now. Her love for all inhabitants of Kamura Village is bigger than the biggest dango you have ever seen. She makes sure to do her best to keep everyone well fed and happy. Usagi dango for the win!

25. Kinako the Tea Dealer
Right hammer of Yomogi, working hard in making dango.

26. Shiramata the Tea Dealer
Left hammer of Yomogi, working hard in making dango
Both of them are very enthusiastic with their job. Sometimes it looks like they are working so fast, that it seems the dango is just flying!

27. Hobashira the Sailor
Unlike Ikari and TsurikiHobashira is always by the docks, overseeing things.

Gathering Hub

28. Guild Master Hojo
Aside from teasing Tetsy, a baby Tetsucabra, with dango, he is always drawing monster paintings, presumably for the questboard. Minoto often wonders if the monsters he is drawing do actually look like his drawings.

29. Badum the Drummer
Left drummer of the big Gathering Hub drum.

30. Tish the Drummer
Right drummer of the big Gathering Hub drum.
I am not sure what else to say about them, I mean… look at their names!

Important Hint

When you switch the BGM of the Gathering HubBadum and Tish stop drumming, but they become also unavailable for chitchat. If you still need to talk to them for the achievement, make sure that the normal BGM is running. Sometimes they are so focused on their work, you might need a few approaches unless you talk with them right from the start.

31. Maido the Merchant
She is taking care of all your market needs, inside the Gathering Hub. Since she is working together with Kagero, she also offers you lottery tickets during market sales, so both stalls offers equal discounts.

32. Minoto the Hub Maiden
Twin sister of Hinoa, taking care of the Gathering Hub quest counter. Unlike her sister, Minoto’s hobby is drawing. Though… let us say that her drawings have limitless potential for improvements!

33. High Rank Hunter Ayame
A senior huntress who did get hurt and is now in recovery. She might hunt again in the future with a different weapon than before, with the design of the Toadversary

34. Master Utsushi
Your dango lover shinobi, at your service! Within the Gathering Hub he is responsible to offer you arena quests and new Switch skills when the time is right.

35. Otemai the Chef
Senior to Yomogi she makes sure that you never have to embark on a quest hungry. Whatever Yomogi offers to you, she too can provide. Everything traditionally a la Palico!

36. Hanamori the Guide
Did you notice that Kamura is actually pretty large, when you look down from atop the Steelworks? While I am not sure if Hanamori is having that many visitors to guide around, he sure has plenty of traditional masks to show.

Hub Prep Area

37. Nakago the Blacksmith
Another apprentice of Hamon who offers you his service right at the Gathering Hub. He clearly has an ingenious mind like his master and loves the food made by his smithy partner Kojiri.

38. Buddy Smithy Kojiri
Alongside NakagoKojiri makes sure that you do not ever need a step out of the Gathering Hub to provide your buddies with armour and weapons they need. He and Kisaki have been far longer apprentices of Hamon than their human smithy partners. They are good fur-riends but also considered Star-Crossed rivals.

39. Housekeeper
I cannot tell if they are the same Housekeeper who is also on standby at Your Room. I mean, cats move fast and silently. But they surely make a good job in relaying messages for you to RondineShirubei and Kogarashi from inside the Gathering Hub.

Your Room (Kamura Village)

40. Housekeeper
Whether they are actually the same who services you at the Gathering Hub Prep Area or not is a mystery. But they sure love their bubbles!

41.  the Informant
The kind of ninja whose superpowers even extend to Steam – with their name only ever being displayed censored. They offer very interesting lore bits. Make sure to check on them often, at least after every Urgent Quest so you will not miss out on anything!

Buddy Plaza

42. Buddy Handler Iori
Did you know that apparently one of the specials Iori can do is singing with his voice? It seems that there is more to him than just being the beloved by buddies Buddy lover.

43. Felyne Chief Kogarashi
A mysterious Palico and chief of the Meowcenaries. He uses his fan to make sure your buddies get to their destination.

44. Buddy Expert Shirubei
When Iori helps you to find your perfect Buddy, it is Shirubei and his crew who make sure that those on standby are combat ready when you need them. Having your buddies relentlessly training with the Toadversary at the Buddy Plaza, made only for your buddies.

45.Rondine the Trader
You get to know Rondine as a trader from a far away Kingdom. Yet she is more than that – actually a knight in the service of her Majesty with the order to bring back Hamon for the technology needed to deal with the threats in her Kingdom. But being part of the Kamura Village family she rather relies on the kindness of Kamura instead of forcing Hamon to come along. We will soon get to know more with Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak.

46.Kotori the Trader
A loyal partner of Rondine who tagged along for their mission. While she is happy to be seen as a trader, she some times mentions that there is more to her and Rondine than what you can see at first glance.

47. Chino the Trader
Chino seems to be less a trader but more a painter. I wonder if they are responsible for the hanging scrolls which you can acquire as special goods from Rondine.

Training Area

48. Sekirei the Trainer
For unknown reasons people tend to forget about Sekirei who is always on standby for you at the Training Area, making sure that all the weapons, armours and buddies you want to accompany you are available.

Veteran’s Tip

Did you know that all items you use within the Training Area are not consumed?
Check out the effects of Upgrade Items as much as you like without actually spending them!

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