MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE: How to Level Up Your Skills

New to the game and struggling to get KO’s? Learn how to level up your skills quickly in game!



Why Am I Making This Guide?

Ranking up your skills is essentially the bread-and-butter of your early game. You want to focus on getting your levels as fast as possible. Most people would just focus on Level-Up Cards alone, and that can really hurt some of their performance in-game.

Skill Management

It’s important to make sure you can manage your Skill Levels in the heat of a round. You can check the skills by looking in the bottom right of your screen, or in your backpack. It’s important to decide which Quirk Skill is suited to your playstyle and whichever may be necessary depending on your opponents.

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You can also view your teammate’s Levels inside of the Backpack! 

Not only will most of the enemies have a higher level in their skills than you, but it can win you the game if you’ve sufficiently levelled them. Each level upgrades the efficiency, while every fourth and ninth level applies an additional buff.

However, these upgrades will not apply to your Special Action. Which is a skill specifically slotted to each character in the game. This only has ONE level.

Using Itsuka Kendou as an example below. Each of these skill upgrades are specific to their character. I won’t be going over all of them, as it is meant to just be managing your Skill levels specifically. To view them for your character go:

  • Change Character
  • Character Name.
  • Skill Details. ( Located in the bottom right of the screen. )
  • Quirk Skill.

Be sure to manage which skills you think are important to your character’s kit!

Level-Up Cards

By far, the most basic way to level up your skills- you’re going to be quite familiar with them if you’ve played the game. You pick it up, and then you can select the cards from within your pack and apply it. That or use the Quick Command to immediately use it on one of the three skills available to you.

There isn’t much explanation or strategy required, other than these cards require room in your backpack to be picked up. Simply use them to skills suited to your role.

Team Enhancement Kit

The next item that also gives Level-Ups to skills is a nifty item. It not only levels up all of your skills by one, but your entire team! Sounds broken? That is because it’s only in Large Item Boxes that spawn periodically throughout the game. Usually located by a yellow chest icon on the map / mini-map.

Using them as soon as possible can be godsend to your team! However, if one or both of your teammates dead, hold onto that item enhancement until you are able to revive them with a Revive Card and then use it after they’ve respawned.

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Seriously, manage your Revives and remember you have them. That is all.

Ability Cards

Your first instinct would be to get the Level Up Cards that can be found whether by KO’ing an enemy or finding them in chests. However, one of the most overlooked items are Ability Cards. When you’re usually picking them up, they can apply a short-lived buff (depending on their level) to you. However, these are not all they are used for!

If, per se, Izuku Midoriya (an Assault class) picked up the correlating ability – one of his skills can level up instantly! The skill in question depends on one of the three symbols in the top right: Alpha, Beta, Gamma.

I’ve created a small chart to help direct which Abilities are used to level up each skill. Thankfully, the cards are colour-coded, so it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish if your teammates need it.

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Do NOT discard Ability cards just because you don’t have the proper class! Hang onto them and collect multiple cards of the same kind can upgrade the buff. These buffs may seem small, but they can be the difference between living or dying.

I hope this helps to everyone reading and to have a great day and PLUS ULTRA!
Also, Bandai, please add Ryukyu to this game, I am begging you—

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