Need for Speed Heat: 100% Speed Trap (No Ultimate + No Money Farm)

In this game I will provide guidelines to get 3 stars and all speed traps – without doing High Heat 5 stuff or doing hardcore money farm



Before getting all 3 stars you need the following stuff:

  • Rep 50
  • Ultimate Parts, in particular dual turbo charger, 1×15 Nitro tank and all the other parts for the motor.
  • About 300k cash

Being rep 50 is necessary because you can’t get ultimate parts without it. Note that some cars get naturally with Ultimate parts (rep 40 cars for instance) but you can’t get turbos which are the best parts so… you need rep 50.
For the cash, as you need farming ultimate parts during heat 3 races, it should not be a problem. If you don’t have it, it should not be a big issue to farm this little amount anyway.


Some speed traps may be not visible yet on your map. If you have trouble finding these, you can use the activities map here[]


I said no farm, so the car will be a Volkswagen Beetle 63. It’s one of the cheapest car in the game.
Swap the engine for the 646 HP one and put all your ultimate motor parts. Put Dual Turbo charger and 1x nitro tank. If you don’t have ultimate nitro tank it’s fine, put 1x of the highest you have.

Put the parts so you maximize race and road adhesion, and put drag race tires. This way you should not completely be in the left corner but that is sufficient.

Put Nitrous power in passive.

You should reach the following stats.

Note that if you want to use this car that has suprisingly high acceleration for racing at night, I recommand getting 5x nitro, and high resistance passive because it is quite weak. Also you should change the drag tires for adhesion ones as the acceleration is so fast the front is rising at startup.

The Sponge bob skin is not optional, it makes you go faster.

General Tips

Having a very high acceleration and sufficient high speed, you should now be able to get 3 stars everywhere. Most traps are very easy. For the others you need to come from the good road; often it’s the one going downhill, the one that goes the straightest, etc.
Also remember that some requires the luck of not having a car at the wrong place. The last trap I completed was River Fever, it took me about 20 try with this setup.

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