Night of Revenge: Basic Keyboard Controls

Here is a basic guide for keyboard controls in Night of Revenge.


Night of Revenge Basic Keyboard Controls

WSAD to move, space to jump,
left click to attack (for 2-3times depending on different weapons); Hold left click for a bit longer for stronger attacks,
right-click to guard, reduce/deflect melle/magic attacks;
mouse wheel up to use your gun,
mouse wheel up +A/S, +W,+ s to use the other 3 magics.

Double click left/right, or F key to dash, for quicker movement or avoid melee attacks;
space key to jump, or cancel(while in menu)
(you can double jump, and dash for 1 time at each jump.)
(you can attack while in the air.)

I to open menu, (while in menu, only use your keyboard, never use your mouse)
space to cancel/resume

OK/Pick up items/Use items/Toggle elevators/Continue Key : E
Cancel : SPACE

Use your EXP points to increase your HP/MP or any other status, LUCK is not implemented yet.
reset all your EXP points at the NPC near the very 1st shrine, at any time.
there’s also a training dummy near the 1st shrine.

Once you’ve been knocked down,
some of the mobs would come to rape you,
(all mobs should rape you but since it’s still under development only some would do)
(to see which mobs, check the gallery for availability)
during which you can press SPACE to zoom in, arrow keys to adjust your camera,
left/right-click to break out.

When you die,
choose the 1st option to quickly respawn at your last shrine,
choose the 2nd option to show your nightmare. (then restart at shrine)
(only several nightmares available now)
(during the nightmares press key 1-9 to toggle options if available)

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