Night of Revenge: Cheat Engines (V0.29 & V0.31)

Here we will share with you the cheat engines for Night of Revenge.

Note: We are not the author of these cheat engines. all credit to HK51’s efforts.


Cheat Requirement

Cheat Engine Software: Download Link

How to Use Cheat Tables: Youtube Link


Night of Revenge Cheat Engine V 0.29 by HK51

You can download the file from here.

Note: Version 0.29 is bad in the machine translation, You can replace NightofRevenge_Data\managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll with the one located in the root folder, it breaks the main game, but translate a little more of the gallery/game over.


Night of Revenge Cheat Engine V 0.31 by HK51

Change-log 0.31:
3 new enemies, with one of which 1 new H-scene (still WIP though),
3 new magics,
1 new weapon,
and some other minor stuff.

Change-log 0.30:
2 new enemies,
1 new H-scene,
and other stuff like new levels, weapons, bugs, etc…

You can download the file from here.

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