Phantom Abyss: All Hub Blessing Alters Locations

So In the halloween update, hub blessings were added, however not all of them are found easily. This guide will help you find the locations of all currently known starting alters and what their blessings are.

Under the Masked Defiler statue (Double Jump)

The first of these statues can be found on a new platform under the Masked Defiler’s statue
you can get to the platform through the hole at the base of the statue. You will find the statue on the other side of the pillar on the platform. This statue will give the Double Jump blessing.

Under the Large Statue (Longer Whip)

To find this one go to the platform where you got the Double Jump blessing and locate this chain.

Walk across it and jump around into the room with the statue

Under the Relic Room (Crouch Jump)

Another statue can be found not too far from the first one. Behind the Masked Defiler statue, below the relic room, you will find a doorway leading to a tall room with another blessing statue at the bottom. This one will grant you the Crouch Jump blessing.

Above the Large Statue (Hover Slide)

*In order to do this method, you will need the Vine Whip and the Crouch Jump blessing.*

Jump ontop of the large statue at the center of the room and crouch jump grapple up into the hole above you and climb up to find the statue which will grant you the Hover Slide blessing.

On Top of the Temple (Wings)

*In order to do this method, you will need the Vine Whip and the Crouch Jump blessing.*

First, crouch jump up onto these brasiers to the left or right of the relic room

from there crouch jump again up to the top of the temple to find the statue and get the Wings blessing

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