Phantom Abyss: All Relics Guide

Here you can see all the available Relics at this point (07/18/2021).


Tips For Collecting Them All

  • I suggest using the Lightning Whip for getting a lot of runs in a short time as you can skip alot of traps by just jumping over them.
  • It doesn’t matter which whip you preferably use. No Relics are exclusively found with certain whips.
  • Try only opening chests on your direct route. It saves a lot of time and effort.
    (You can also completely ignore chests and finish a whole temple without any blessings.)
  • I could not figure out any and I don’t think there is any trick to finding the relics you are still missing. You just have to grind temples.
  • It took me around 45 – 50 hours of play to get them all. (Depends on how lucky you get with your RNG)
What happens when you collect them all? SPOILER!
Nothing so far! 🙁 The gate behind the trophy room does NOT open and you DO NOT find any yellow keys.

The First Relic

The First Relic

He will be on a seperate stand in the middle of the trophy room.

Tier 1 | A Temple

The Gold Dragon

This one does not have legs.

The Jade Skull

Note that this one has an open mouth!

The Blue Eyed Heavy Guy

Overweight. Disappointed. Sulky.

The Snake Bust

One for the mantelpiece.

The Devouring Rage

One of the Guardians.

The Masked Defiler

Also one of the Guardians.

The Eye of Agony

The third Guardian.

The Tray

A golden tray. Empty.

The Trackball

A nice alternative for people with a mobility impairment.

The Stone Idol

Made from stone.

The Unarmed Man

Only uses his fists.

The Man with a Club

Don’t actually know if this is supposed to be a sword.

The Man with Club and Sword

I thought they were all the same.

The Blowdart Man

Already taking aim.

Tier 2 | The Caverns

The Vase in Hands

Pure art.

The Crocodile

Kind of looks like a toy.

The Big Guy

Thats the guy who tells you what to do.

The Snake


The Scoll of Truth

You have been looking for this for years.

The Number One Dime

Scrooge McDuck’s first earned coin.

The Gold Skull

The more expensive edition of the Jade Skull.

The Tray of Black Smoke

Don’t go too close. That can’t be healthy.

The Gold Idol

Better have a bag of sand with you.

The Bonsai

It actually moves! Look closely!

Tier 3 | The Inferno

The Egg

What a nice Egg on a cushion!

The Palantír

Definitely the actual name of this relic!!!

The Jade Sword


The Jade Hammer

Also Beautiful.

The Dragon

This one has legs.

The Panda

Got broads in Atlanta.

The Shield

The large version.

The Box

Apparently fragile.

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