Phasmophobia: Quick Guide for Halloween 2023 Event

Just a quick and dirty guide for the Halloween 2023 event.


1. Collect all card from different maps

Tanglewood: Card in dining room, „Bowl of Grins x1“

Woodwind: Card directly at the entrance left, „Eye of Bear x2“

Prison: Card in room C160 – go straight to the end of the first corridor, enter the cellblock, slighty left (45-degree angle left) through the bars to room C160, „Screaming Skull x1“

Edgefield Road: upstairs, left, left, last door on the right (poster of a car), left side of the desk, it’s a bit hidden, „Deaths rot x3“

Bleasdale Farmhouse: up in the attic, „Jar of Mind x1“

Ridgeview: Cellar, metal cabinet, „Toe of frog x1“

Grafton Farmhouse; outside of the house, go left to the pumpkin patches: „Sack of beans x3“

Willow: just outside of the van, left hedge, „Lightin the Dark x1“

Maple Lodge Campsite: near the cauldron, „Rose’s blossom x1“

2. Find all items depicted on the card on Maple Lodge

Rose’s blossom: near the beach, in the hand of one of the skeletons.

Jar of Brain: 1st house, left, on desk

Screaming Skull: backdoor of reception, head straight outside, sitting on a stump near a campfire

Deaths rot: from start right to storage area, an open crate with 3 little pumpkins

Sack of beans: near cauldron, the little colored sacks you play with, take three items

Bowl of Grins: on the kitchen counter of the main lodge building

Eye of Bear: in the first sink in the toilets, two items

Toe of Frog: reception, the blue voodoo doll on the computer case

Lighting in the Dark: just toss any flashlight in the cauldron

Put everything in the cauldron – done.

Thanks to Rheinheld for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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