Phasmophobia: Holiday 2023 Update Guide (Device & Snowmen Locations)

Holiday 2023: Device & Snowmen Location Guide
Fully complete by 2023-12-15
  1. Video walkthrough in the works
  2. This guide is here now in an unfinished form showing where the devices and snowmen are located on each map.
  3. Full guide along with screenshots of locations will be up by 2023-12-15.

In this walkthrough you’ll get detailed information on:

  • Every device part location found within Sunny Meadows,
  • all snowmen locations scattered throughout the seven maps,
  • and the rewards for completing the event (tagged as spoiler).



What to expect

In order to begin the hunting snowmen you’re first goal is to assemble a snowball gun. This is found in Sunny Meadows (not restricted). Afterwards we’ll go through each of the seven maps in this order:

  • 16 Tanglewood Drive,
  • 42 Edgefield Road,
  • 10 Ridgeview Court,
  • Grafton Farmhouse,
  • 13 Willow Street,
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse,
  • Camp Woodwind.

Finally, we’ll finish off showing you the rewards you’ll unlock.

For those wanting a video walkthrough. One is being prepared for you which will be available by 2023-12-15 the latest.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


Maps are from Fantasimal[] and have been modified slightly in order to make it easier to read.

Sunny Meadows

16 Tanglewood Drive

42 Edgefield Road

10 Ridgeview Court

Grafton Farmhouse

13 Willow Street

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Camp Woodwind


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