Phasmophobia: 6 Tanglewood Drive Map Guide

This guide will cover information about the map, mainly the format of the map, the location of the Cursed Items, where the fusebox can be located and more.   Map Information 6 Tanglewood Drive is a small map in Phasmophobia This map has 2 floors, one of which is the main floor and … Read More

Phasmophobia: All Monkey Paw Wishes Guide

In this guide I will try to explain what Monkey Paw works for and what phrases you can use.   What is the Monkey Paw? Phasmophobia features a cursed possession called Monkey Paw, which can grant a player’s wishes from three to five times, depending on the difficulty level you … Read More

Phasmophobia: Quick Guide for Halloween 2023 Event

Just a quick and dirty guide for the Halloween 2023 event.   1. Collect all card from different maps Tanglewood: Card in dining room, „Bowl of Grins x1“ Woodwind: Card directly at the entrance left, „Eye of Bear x2“ Prison: Card in room C160 – go straight to the end … Read More

Phasmophobia: New Level and Prestige System

This manual has been created to provide complete information about the new level and prestige system. This manual is recommended to be read from a computer.   Introduction This manual will lay out all the information about the new level system and prestige, how much experience is needed for a … Read More

Phasmophobia: How to Upgrade Your Equipment to Tier 2 & 3

This guide will take you through the step by step process needed in order to upgrade your equipment to tiers 2 and 3.   About Upgrades What are upgrades for? Upgrades in Phasmophobia are there as a way for players to gradually get better equipment as time goes on. As … Read More

Phasmophobia: All Ghost Abilities

This guide will help detect which ghost type you are dealing with and will let you know everything that they are capable of.   The Spirit – When you smudge a spirit’s room, it prevents it from hunting for 3 MINUTES, instead of the usual 90 seconds for most ghosts. The … Read More

Phasmophobia: How to Level Up Fast

A guide on how to level up extremely fast in Phasmophobia.   The Setup Custom Game Mode Settings (x12.97): Player: Starting sanity: 0 Sanity Pill restoration: 0 Sanity drain speed: 200 Sprinting: Off Player speed: 100 Flashlights: Off Lose items and consumables: On Ghost: Ghost speed: 100 Roaming frequency: High Changing favorite room: High Interaction amount: Low Event frequency: Low Friendly ghost: Off … Read More

Phasmophobia: How to Use the Store (V0.9 Update)

Since the store’s UI has been updated, some people have mentioned their struggles with understanding how it works. This guide intends to make understanding and using the store simple. The ‘Store’ and ‘Layout’ sections provide a more detailed explanation with images, but if you are wanting a quick TL;DR, step … Read More

Phasmophobia: All Easter Egg Locations 2023

Being updated as i go, wondering if i should continue now there is a thousand videos on YT on how to do it? let me know, finishing grafton next   6 Tanglewood Drive There are 52 eggs to be found in Tanglewood. The route I’ve taken here minimises backtracking, but … Read More