Phasmophobia: New Level and Prestige System

This manual has been created to provide complete information about the new level and prestige system. This manual is recommended to be read from a computer.   Introduction This manual will lay out all the information about the new level system and prestige, how much experience is needed for a certain level, how best to … Read more

Phasmophobia: All Ghost Abilities

This guide will help detect which ghost type you are dealing with and will let you know everything that they are capable of.   The Spirit – When you smudge a spirit’s room, it prevents it from hunting for 3 MINUTES, instead of the usual 90 seconds for most ghosts. The Wraith – The Wraith will never … Read more

Phasmophobia: How to Level Up Fast

A guide on how to level up extremely fast in Phasmophobia.   The Setup Custom Game Mode Settings (x12.97): Player: Starting sanity: 0 Sanity Pill restoration: 0 Sanity drain speed: 200 Sprinting: Off Player speed: 100 Flashlights: Off Lose items and consumables: On Ghost: Ghost speed: 100 Roaming frequency: High Changing favorite room: High Interaction amount: Low Event frequency: Low Friendly ghost: Off Grace period: 0 Hunt duration: Medium Kills … Read more

Phasmophobia: How to Use the Store (V0.9 Update)

Since the store’s UI has been updated, some people have mentioned their struggles with understanding how it works. This guide intends to make understanding and using the store simple. The ‘Store’ and ‘Layout’ sections provide a more detailed explanation with images, but if you are wanting a quick TL;DR, step by step guide on each … Read more

Phasmophobia: Cursed Possessions Guide

Cursed possessions are a group of six powerful, supernatural items that are used to interact with the ghost, cause it to appear, or provide information at the cost of sanity. They are the Music Box, Ouija Board, Voodoo Doll, Haunted Mirror, Summoning Circle and Tarot Cards. Activating or using a cursed possession will immediately cancel the setup phase. … Read more

Phasmophobia: Golden Trophy Guide

In this guide I’ll try to explain how to get the golden trophy for the apocalypse challenge in the easiest way possible.   Objectives First off, roll the map until you get objectives that are easy for this challenge. List of easy objectives: Capture a photo of the ghost Detect a ghost’s presence with a … Read more