Phasmophobia: How to Upgrade Your Equipment to Tier 2 & 3

This guide will take you through the step by step process needed in order to upgrade your equipment to tiers 2 and 3.


About Upgrades

What are upgrades for?

Upgrades in Phasmophobia are there as a way for players to gradually get better equipment as time goes on. As you upgrade your equipment, the stats of said equipment can get better. Some of these stats are:

  • Range
  • Use Limit
  • Use Speed
  • Use Cooldown
  • Use Duration

I will use the EMF Reader for an example here. When you upgrade your EMF Reader to Tier II, the range of the reader will go up by 0.3m or about 1 foot and the look of the item will change significantly. This is the case for all of the equipment, making it a very wise choice to upgrade all your equipment as soon as you can.

How Much is an Upgrade?

Upgrades in Phasmophobia go up in price depending on the level you are upgrading your equipment to. The price for the Tier II upgrade will cost $3000-$10000 and the upgrade to Tier III will cost $6000+. Although upgrades in Phasmophobia do cost a lot, they make up the price by there sheer usefulness in-game compared to their tier I variant.

You will be able to find more information about the upgrade prices in the full upgrade prices section in this guide!

Items and Their Stats

Item Statistics
Tier I


Light Radius: Small
Strength: Low
Electronic: Yes

EMF Reader

Range: 1.7m
Accuracy: Bad
Electronic: Yes

Spirit Box

Range: 3m
Audio Quality: Bad
Response Reliability: Bad
Electronic: Yes

Ghost Writing Book

Interaction Range: 3m
Ghost Interaction Chance: Low
Electronic: No

UV Light

Use Duration: 60s
Ultraviolet Charge Time: 10s
Area Light: Yes
Electronic: No

Video Camera

Video Resolution: Low
Interference Rate: High
Ghost Throw Chance: High
Electronic: Yes

D.O.T.S Projector

Light Radius: Small
Interaction Range: 5m
Handheld: Yes
Electronic: Yes


Reliability: Bad
Reaction Speed: Slow
Electronic: Yes

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