Phasmophobia: All Monkey Paw Wishes Guide

In this guide I will try to explain what Monkey Paw works for and what phrases you can use.


What is the Monkey Paw?

Phasmophobia features a cursed possession called Monkey Paw, which can grant a player’s wishes from three to five times, depending on the difficulty level you set (except Insanity). This unique item has a 14% probability of appearing and can be found at a specific location on the map. As a new addition to the cursed possessions list, it has gained popularity quickly.

This article covers all the wishes that can be granted using the Monkey Paw and will assist users in deciding how to use them.

Ghost-based wishes

  • I wish to see the ghost

This wish teleports the ghost in trapped form for five seconds in front of the hunter. During this time, the player is nearsighted and will remain that way until the hunting period is over or the hunter is eliminated.

Using this wish during an ongoing hunt will work similarly, but will ignore the trapped phase.

  • I wish to trap the ghost

This wish instantly teleports the ghost to its spawn room and prevents it from roaming, hunting, or using abilities for 60 seconds. It also locks every door around the player for the same duration. A cursed hunt will be initiated immediately after the time is up.

  • I wish for activity

This one permanently destroys the fuze box and breaks every light source. It also doubles the activity of the ghost and locks down the exit door for two minutes.

Player-based wishes

  • I wish to be safe

This wish removes the nearest hiding location’s barrier. However, it breaks the room’s lights. It also allows the ghost to sense the hunter’s electronics for the entire contract.

  • I wish to be sane

Sets each player’s sanity to 50% but increases its draining rate by 1.5x. Moreover, the ghost room is randomized when this wish is used.

  • I wish to leave

Unlocks the exit door, even during hunts. However, the player’s speed and vision are reduced for five seconds.

Other wishes

  • I wish for [Clear Sky/ Fog/ Rain/ Snow/ Sun/ Wind]

Temporarily darkens the player’s vision and changes to the weather in Phasmophobia. This deducts 25% of the player’s sanity.

  • I wish for knowledge

Slashes a single piece of wrong evidence from the journal and initiates a cursed hunt. It muffles the audio and reduces your vision until the contract’s end or your death.

  • I wish for life

Resurrects a random dead player. It also has a 50% chance of killing the wisher.

  • I wish for anything

Randomly grants a wish from any category.

  • I wish for life

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