Phasmophobia: Ghost Identification & Communication Guide

A guide to identifying the ghost and it’s room, it’s strengths and weaknesses, methods of communication and one-time consumables


List Of Ghost Evidence

In order to properly identify the ghost to complete the contract, you need to search for 3 different pieces of evidence to narrow down what ghost it is, below is a list of all evidence:

D.O.T.S Projector – A projector that emits dozens of small dots of green light, allowing you to see the ghost’s silhouette

EMF Level 5 – An electro-magnetic frequency detector, capable of detecting abnormal levels of EMF, which indicates ghost activity is nearby, all ghosts can achieve Level 4, but only some are capable of achieving Level 5

Fingerprints – If a ghost interacts with the lights or a door, there’s a chance for it to leave behind fingerprints, these disappear after 60 seconds though

Freezing Temperatures – Detectable by either a temperature gauge or visible breath, tends to happen in the Ghost Room

Ghost Orb – Only visible through a night vision camera, tends to appear in the Ghost Room

Ghost Writing – A book which allows ghosts to write something or draw symbols

Spirit Box – A radio allowing vocal communication with the ghost

D.O.T.S Projector evidence and Ghost Writing evidence don’t go together, if Ghost Writing is given the D.O.T.S Projector won’t be found

Identifying The Ghost

As said before, only 3 pieces of evidence are needed to find the correct ghost, this is a list of all evidence needed to find a type of ghost

NOTE: You should start with Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures and Ghost Orb in order to rule out Revenant as fast possible, more on this later:

Banshee: D.O.T.S – Ghost Orb – Fingerprints
Demon: Ghost Writing – Fingerprints – Freezing Temperatures
Goryo: D.O.T.S – EMF 5 – Fingerprints
Hantu: Ghost Orb – Fingerprints – Freezing Temperatures
Jinn: EMF 5 – Fingerprints – Freezing Temperatures
Mare: Ghost Writing – Ghost Orb – Spirit Box
Myling: Ghost Writing – EMF 5 – Fingerprints
Obake: EMF 5 – Ghost Orb – Fingerprints
Oni: D.O.T.S – EMF 5 – Freezing Temperatures
Onryo: Ghost Orb – Freezing Temperatures – Spirit Box
Phantom: D.O.T.S – Fingerprints – Spirit Box
Poltergeist: Ghost Writing – Fingerprints – Spirit Box
Raiju: D.O.T.S – EMF 5 – Ghost Orb
Revenant: Ghost Writing – Ghost Orb – Freezing Temperatures
Shade: Ghost Writing – EMF 5 – Freezing Temperatures
Spirit: Ghost Writing – EMF 5 – Spirit Box
The Mimic: Fingerprints – Freezing Temperatures – Spirit Box
The Twins: EMF 5 – Freezing Temperatures – Spirit Box
Wraith: D.O.T.S – EMF 5 – Spirit Box
Yokai: D.O.T.S – Ghost Orb – Spirit Box
Yurei: D.O.T.S – Ghost Orb – Freezing Temperatures

Strengths & Weaknesses

Every ghost has a strength and a weakness, some can be taken away while others can’t:

Strength: Will target only one player at a time
Weakness: Can sometimes be heard wailing with the Parabolic Microphone
Strength: Can start hunts more often
Weakness: Crucifixes effective distance is increased to 5 meters
Strength: Can only be seen walking through D.O.T.S if viewed through a camera when
nobody’s nearby
Weakness: Tends to stay near the Ghost Room
Strength: Moves faster in low temperatures
Weakness: Moves slower in warm temperatures
Strength: Moves faster when it’s target is far away
Weakness: Strength is disabled when the fuse box is turned off
Strength: An increased chance of starting a hunt in the dark
Weakness: Reduced attack chance while in the light
Strength: Footsteps are quieter during a hunt
Weakness: Produces paranormal sounds more frequently
Strength: Leaves fingerprints that can disappear quicker than others
Weakness: Has a small chance of producing six-fingered handprints
Strength: Increased activity and ghost events
Weakness: Easier to find due to increased activity
Strength: A flame going out can cause a hunt
Weakness: The presence of a flame reduces the chances of a hunt
Strength: Looking at the ghost will lower your sanity overtime
Weakness: Taking a photo of the Phantom will make it disappear briefly
Strength: Can throw multiple objects at once
Weakness: Strength is disabled when there’s nothing to throw
Strength: Moves faster when it’s near electronics
Weakness: Disrupts electronics when further away during hunts
Strength: Moves a lot faster if it sees a player during a hunt, recommended to rule it out as fast
as possible to prevent major risk
Weakness: Moves very slowly when it doesn’t see a player
Strength: More difficult to locate and obtain evidence
Weakness: Reduces chance of a hunt if multiple people are nearby
Strength: None
Weakness: Smudge sticks prevents a hunt for 180 seconds (Doesn’t work during a hunt)
The Mimic:
Strength: Can mimic the strengths and traits of other ghosts
Weakness: Will create Ghost Orbs as a fourth piece of evidence
The Twins:
Strength: Both can cause activity at entirely separate locations, however only one can hunt at a
Weakness: Will often cause activity at the same time as the other
Strength: Doesn’t leave footprints after stepping in salt
Weakness: More active after stepping in salt
Strength: Talking near the ghost increases the chance for a hunt to start
Weakness: Can’t hear voices unless they’re close to it
Strength: Has a stronger effect on sanity
Weakness: Using a smudge stick in the Ghost Room will reduce how often it wanders

Ghost Room

The Ghost Room is where evidence is most commonly found, they’re not limited to just rooms though, they can also be hallways, stairwells and tents, however the Room sometimes changes to another one on Professional and Nightmare, the chance of moving increases with lower sanity, this is also the spawnpoint of the ghost and where it teleports at the end of a hunt

Finding the Ghost Room isn’t required, but it is recommended, regardless of difficulty it’ll remain the same


Using the Spirit Box, you can ask the ghost questions regarding information about it’s death, it’s current location and it’s age (Not tied to the appearance)

You can also use a Ouija Board which randomly appears somewhere in the location (More on this in the next section)

Cursed Possessions

Cursed possessions are consumables that can be used to cause the ghost to appear, locate it or give yourself and other players benefits/drawbacks

Music Box:
Used once to locate the ghost, but can only be used once, it’ll make the ghost sing along while staying invisible, if the music box is 5 meters or less from the ghost, it will show itself and walk towards the music box. If it walks for more than 5 seconds, the user reaches 0% sanity or the box is dropped, a Cursed Hunt will start (More on that in the next section). This will make all players lose sanity when heard, however it’s less effective the more further you are from it

Ouija Board:
Used to ask questions regarding it’s current location, it’s age, cause of death or the location of a bone, getting a question answered drops the asker’s sanity, activating the Ouija board immediately ends the Setup Phase, you don’t have to be in the Ghost Room or the room the Ghost is in for it to work. If the player who activated the board leaves without saying “Goodbye” first, or doesn’t have enough sanity to trade for a question, the board will break and a Cursed Hunt will start

Voodoo Doll:
Used to force a ghost to get evidence, while dropping the user’s sanity by 5%, can be used a total of 10 times, if the heart pin is pressed down, the user’s sanity will drop by 10% and a Cursed Hunt will start very close by, if the user’s sanity is lower then the pressed pin would drain, all pins will get pushed in at once and a Cursed Hunt will start

Haunted Mirror:
Shows a live feed view of the Ghost Room, the user’s sanity will drop by 7.5% every second, if the user’s sanity reaches 0%, the mirror will break and a Cursed Hunt will start from the Ghosts position when the mirror broke

Summoning Circle:
Used to spawn the ghost and trap it for for 1 – 6 seconds, but can only be used once, after this ends, a Cursed Hunt starts, if it’s used during a hunt, the ghost will be teleported to the circle, but the hunt will be extended by 20 seconds

Tarot Cards:
Used to grant benefits or drawbacks, if a card is drawn during a hunt it’ll only give “The Fool”

The Sun: Fully restores sanity

The Moon: Instantly empties all sanity

The Tower: Causes an interaction

The Wheel Of Fortune: If the card burns green, 25% sanity is gained, however if it burns red, it’ll
drop 25% sanity

The Devil: Triggers a ghost event

The High Priestess: Revives a dead player, respawning them at their corpse, if nobody’s dead, it
will revive the next player to die

The Hanged Man: Kills the player

Death: Starts a Cursed Hunt

The Hermit: Teleports the Ghost back to the Ghost Room and traps it there for one minute

The Fool: No effect, card is still lost

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