Phasmophobia: Hidden Ghosts Abilities (Real Journal v0.6.2.1))

The Real Journal which you can face every ghost with it

  • Hidden Abilities
  • Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Simple af

– – Truck overhaul update


1. Spirit
EMF 5 – Spirit Box – Writing

  • Smudge Stick → 3min prevents hunt
2. Wraith
EMF 5 – Spirit Box – DOTS

  • Teleport to anyone and give EMF 2 – intract and even Hunt
  • No UV footstep even with stumping sound and you can’t take photo of it
    ↳ after stepping on salt, it will be more active

*roamy ghost, EMF 2 for nothing

3. Phantom
Spirit Box – Fingerprint – DOTS

  • Can walk to a player and roaming from there (interact, event, Hunt)
  • More invisible, slower & less blinks during hunt (at least 1s)
  • If you take photo of them in visual ghost events, you can hear them but can’t see anymore
    ↳ no Ghost in Ghost image
  • drop more sanity when physically active
4. Poltergeist
Spirit Box – Fingerprint – Writing

  • Throw multiple items → weird sound + very short 0-10 activity spike
  • Witness multi-throws = drop sanity
  • Can throw Fast and Far
5. Banshee
Fingerprint – Orb – DOTS

  • Target only 1 person just for hunt & others are safe
  • Can roam to target and hunt from them
  • Only check target sanity for hunt, doesn’t matters others are 0 or 100%
    ↳ target is outside = it can kill anyone (normal ghost)
    ↳ target died = it will pick a new one
  • Chance of Scream in Para mic (stand faraway to have more range)
  • More chance of singing event and drop 5% sanity more ≃15-20
6. Jinn
EMF 5 – Fingerprint – Freezing

  • When you are far away (2m), it will get faster & faster until gets you
  • Normal speed when not chasing
  • If you turn off the breaker it won’t use its abilities
  • Jinn will Never turn off the breaker
    ↳ Breaker turned off → you had lights on:
    – turn it on → everything is off = too many lights
    – turn it on → lights are on again = ghost turned it off
  • If you are near it, can drop 25% sanity (territorial ghost)
7. Mare
Spirit Box – Orb – Writing

  • Mare will Never turn on the lights
  • Hunt at 60% if the room is dark
  • Hunt at 40% if the room lights on
    ↳ ghost roams in near rooms so turn on the lights in the area
  • More chance of exploding the lights
  • It will roam further to escape the lights if lights are on around it (more chance of long roam)
8. Revenant
Orb – Writing – Freezing

  • The FASTEST Ghost when chasing the player
  • Super Slow when you broke the line of sight or hide
  • Have 1s grace period so in cursed hunt can kill immediately
9. Shade
EMF 5 – Writing – Freezing

  • Very shy and inactive if people nearby and in the same room
  • Can only hunt at 35% sanity, if average is higher, then there is no hunt for them
  • More shadow form in ghost event
  • More chance of airball ghost event
10. Demon
Fingerprint – Writing – Freezing

  • Can hunt at 100% sanity
  • Normal hunts start at 70% sanity rapidly (20s cooldown instead of normal 25s)
  • Double range of Crucifix (5m instead of 3m)
  • Smudge stick = 60s prevents hunt
  • With Cursed hunt, you almost get permanently hunted
  • Drain less sanity for curse items
11. Yurei
Orb – Freezing – DOTS

  • Fully close a one door and drop 13% sanity
    ↳ the sound has a noticable delay after door animation
  • Nothing different with others normal sanity drop
  • Will be trap in a room by smudging it for normal smudge time (90s)
12. Oni
EMF 5 – Freezing – DOTS

  • So active with events and interaction and can drain your sanity fast by that
  • Never do the airball event
  • Prefer physical form for events
  • Can throw Fast and Far
13. Yokai
Spirit Box – Orb – DOTS

  • Below 80% Sanity, can Hunt if you talk on top of it
  • Low range attraction

*early hunts and close to you

14. Hantu
Fingerprint – Orb – Freezing

  • Breaker off & snowing weather make it faster
  • No speed up for hunting player and purely temperature base
  • Freezing breath during hunt in the ghost room, like player

*Nightmare → Freezing

15. Goryo
EMF 5 – Fingerprint – DOTS

  • Only show DOTS on camera IF no one is in the room
    ↳ Stand outside of the room and compare if u can see DOTS only with camera
  • Less roamingness and very low chance to long roam or none

*Nightmare → DOTS

16. Myling
EMF 5 – Fingerprint – Writing

  • Only quieter footsteps noise → fade out much quicker / closer range
    ↳ Flashlight / items glitching before hearing footsteps (in same floor)
    Raiju wide range can tricks you in this timing
  • Except footsteps, other sounds are normal
  • More paranormal sounds
17. Onryo
Spirit Box – Orb – Freezing

  • Can hunt at 100% sanity after blowing up 1 candle (50% chance)
    ↳ multiple candle will prevent it if you keep at least 1 lit up
  • If people dies, chance of candle hunt will go up
    ↳ after 2 Deaths it’s 100% hunt
  • Having multiple candles to prevents hunt even in 0 sanity
    ↳ it will prioritize candles over crucifix
    ↳ if it use a crucifix that placed under a lit up candle ↔ not Onryo
  • Candle range → 5m
  • Higher chance to blowup candles
  • Can hunt on 60% sanity if there is no candle

campfire is like candle in maple lodge campsite

18. The Twins
EMF 5 – Spirit Box – Freezing

  • Really two ghosts in a same spot, the Real and the Decoy one
  • Decoy can do event and interaction but only give EMF5 for evidence
  • Real one is normal but Decoy can reach far for intraction (imagine long arms)
  • Decoy has lower chance for Hunt and starts it from his interaction
  • they have different speed – Real 90% – Decoy 110% – of a normal ghost
  • Have interactions within second apart
    ↳ Activity chart: go up, continue, and go up higher, then go down
19. Raiju
EMF 5 – Orb – DOTS

  • If there’s any electrical equipment around (hand & floor)
    ↳ Can Hunt at 65% sanity
    ↳ Will be faster even not chasing (2nd fastest)
  • Wider range of equipment glitching
    ↳ get fast soon
20. Obake
EMF 5 – Fingerprint – Orb

  • Has 25% chance to not leave fingerprints
    ↳ other ghosts that have fingerprints evidence 100% will leave it
  • Leave a fingerprint that has 6 fingers
  • Can half the fade time of all the fingerprints in the map in any time
    ↳ e.g. 2min → 1min or 1min → 30s

*Nightmare → Fingerprints

21. The Mimic
Spirit Box – Fingerprint – Freezing

  • Always has Ghost orb around it but it’s not evidence (even in nightmare)
  • It can turn to any other ghost and copy Everything from them
    ↳ if turn to be a Mimic or Player, it will do nothing
  • It can swap and change his type but can’t be two ghost type at a same time
    ↳ a minimum of a minute between swaps
22. Moroi
Spirit Box – Writing – Freezing

  • Lower Sanity, the faster it will be, even not chasing
  • It will curse and drain sanity (maybe ≤30 each time)
    ↳ It’s linked to Spirit Box
    ↳ Sanity pills & getting out of house will stop it (pills prevent a little time to be curse again)
  • Smudge Stick protects you ×2 longer During the Hunt
    ↳ not like spirit to prevent hunting

*Nightmare → Spirit box

23. Deogen
Spirit Box – Writing – DOTS

  • You Can’t Hide but it’s very slow when chasing
  • If it sees you, just simply walk in long hallways or loop around it self in big rooms
  • If it can’t see you, it’s Super Fast
24. Thaye
Orb – Writing – DOTS

  • Can hunt at 70% sanity
  • 1st 5min → Very Fast & active
  • Every 5min that you are close to it:
    get slower & less active, needs lower sanity to hunt
  • After 10min you don’t need to sprint

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